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Ututo GNU/Linux is an operating system based on Gentoo Linux with the main goal of producing an operating system comprised entirely of free software. The name makes reference to a gecko known by this name from northern Argentina.

The founder of the GNU Project, Richard Stallman, formerly endorsed the distribution nearly exclusively, before he switched to gNewSense.


In 2002, Ututo-R was created, which offered the possibility of operating like a software router. This version was created by Marcos Zapata and was installed on school and government computers of Buenos Aires, among other places.

In 2004, the Ututo-e project was born, swiftly becoming the most important derivative of Ututo. This project was started by Daniel Olivera, and is now maintained and developed by numerous worldwide collaborators.

The latest versions of Ututo come with the label "XS". With the emergence of the XS series, there have been many new features, including a faster system installer.

UTUTO versus Ututo nomenclature

The Ututo project frequently uses the term "UTUTO" to describe the project's title and operating system distribution and in several other areas. It is not an acronym, as they are often used in free software projects. Usage of "UTUTO" in substitution for "Ututo" is purely aesthetic, and is not technical by any means.


The emergence of a highly usable package management system for Ututo has been the topic of many discussions over a few years. Pablo Rizzo has designed UTUTO-Get, an easy tool for maintaining a package database while using Ututo modeled after Debian's powerful APT.

Ututo GNU/FreeBSD project

Along with its usual development of a GNU/Linux distribution, the Ututo team has begun working on an operating system using the FreeBSD kernel with a set of GNU userland utilities.

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