Upper Sydenham railway station

Upper Sydenham station was an English railway stop. The Crystal Palace and South London Junction Railway was authorised to build a line from Peckham Rye railway station to a terminus at Crystal Palace in 1862, in order to serve the attraction of the Crystal Palace.


Upper Sydenham station was the penultimate station on the route before Crystal Palace, sitting in the wooded area at the top of Sydenham Hill, overlooking Dulwich and Sydenham. The station and the line was poorly used despite new houses being built in the area, with passengers using the other stations near-by (Sydenham Hill railway station, Crystal Palace Lower Level and Sydenham railway station). The line was one of the first of the former South Eastern and Chatham Railway to be electrified by Southern Railway, under "South Eastern Electrification - Stage 1" in July 1925 . The destruction of the Crystal Palace in 1936 saw patronage reduced to next to nothing.

The Station's and the line's fortunes did not change and they were forced to close on the 20 September 1954, the first permanent closure of an Electric line. The dismantling of the station took place in 1957.


Today all that remains of Upper Sydenham Station is the booking office and station house, which is now a private residence, the railway tunnel which is now blocked off but intact as well as some ruined huts and a muddy hints as to where the line and platform ran. The station's location sits in Dulwich Woods, providing a popular local footpath.



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