University of Lethbridge Students' Union

The Students' Union at the University of Lethbridge represents the 8,000 students at the University of Lethbridge, including the Calgary and Edmonton campuses.

The ULSU controls occupancy rights to approximately 60% of the Student's Union Building at the University of Lethbridge Campus. This space is used for the ULSU main offices, the ULSU Food Bank, The Meliorist offices, club spaces, The CKXU 88.3 FM Radio Society , The University of Lethbridge Campus Women's Centre, The ULSU Food Court, Galileo's Art Gallery, Lethbridge Public Interest Research Group office, the ULSU Service Centre (a convenience store), and The Zoo (a pub).


Federally, the University of Lethbridge Students' Union participates in the Canadian Alliance of Students Associations and provincially, they are a member of the Council of Alberta University Students.

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