Uncle Dysfunktional

Uncle Dysfunktional is a studio album from Happy Mondays. Their first album since Yes Please! in 1992. The album has a hidden track which is the second of the two untitled tracks. The song Deviants features Mickey Avalon.

Track listing

  1. Jellybean
  2. Angels And Whores
  3. Deviants
  4. Rats With Wings
  5. Cuntry Disco
  6. In The Blood
  7. Anti Warhole On The Dancefloor
  8. Rush Rush
  9. Dysfunktional Uncle
  10. Dr Dick
  11. Weather
  12. Untitled
  13. Untitled


  1. Jellybean - 16th July 2007
  2. Dysfunktional Uncle - 8th October 2007

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