U.S. Route 1 in Connecticut

In the U.S. state of Connecticut, U.S. Route 1 is a major east-west state highway along Long Island Sound. It has been replaced by Interstate 95 as a through route, which it closely parallels, and now primarily serves as a local business route. Despite its east-west orientation, it is part of a north-south route, and so most signs show it as north-south.

Route description

US 1 in Connecticut stays close to Interstate 95 throughout the state and has many junctions with it. It goes through the following towns as the roads listed below. From Greenwich to Branford, US 1 is mostly a 4-lane or 6-lane principal arterial road (with some 2-lane sections in dense areas). From Branford to Stonington, US 1 becomes a 2-lane or 4-lane minor arterial road (it is classified as a principal arterial road within Waterford town). One note of interest is that Route 1 in Connecticut has almost a direct east-west route. Because of this, in some places, signs may say Route 1 east or west, and only a short distance away, another sign may say Route 1 north or south. This can make it confusing for those who are not familiar with the area. Most of US 1 through Connecticut encompasses its predecessor, the Boston Post Road, and much of it is still locally named Boston Post Road.

Greenwich: ; New York State line to Stamford city line

  • West Putnam Avenue and East Putnam Avenue

Stamford: ; Greenwich town line to Darien town line

  • West Main Street, Tresser Boulevard and East Main Street

Darien: ; Stamford city line to Norwalk city line

  • Boston Post Road

Norwalk: ; Darien town line to Westport town line

  • Connecticut Avenue, Van Buren Avenue, Belden Avenue, Cross Street, North Avenue and Westport Avenue

Westport: ; Norwalk city line to Fairfield town line

  • Post Road West and Post Road East

Fairfield: ; Westport town line to Bridgeport city line

  • Post Road, Kings Highway Cutoff and Kings Highway East

Bridgeport: ; Fairfield town line to Stratford town line

  • North Avenue and Boston Avenue

Stratford: ; Bridgeport city line to Milford city line

  • Boston Avenue and Barnum Avenue

Milford: ; Stratford town line to Orange town line

  • Bridgeport Avenue and Boston Post Road

Orange: ; Milford city line to West Haven city line

  • Boston Post Road

West Haven: ; Orange town line to New Haven city line

  • Orange Avenue

New Haven: ; West Haven city line to East Haven town line

  • Orange Avenue, Columbus Avenue, Church Street South, Union Avenue, Water Street, Forbes Avenue and [South Frontage Road] (North Frontage Road)

East Haven: ; New Haven city line to Branford town line

  • [South Frontage Road] (North Frontage Road), Saltonstall Parkway and Main Street

Branford: ; East Haven town line to North Branford town line

  • West Main Street, North Main Street and East Main Street

North Branford: ; Branford town line to Guilford town line

  • Boston Post Road

Guilford: ; North Branford town line to Madison town line

  • Boston Post Road

Madison: ; Guilford town line to Clinton town line

  • Boston Post Road

Clinton: ; Madison town line to Westbrook town line

  • West Main Street and East Main Street

Westbrook: ; Clinton town line to Old Saybrook town line

  • Boston Post Road

Old Saybrook: ; Westbrook town line to Old Lyme town line

Old Lyme: ; Old Saybrook town line to East Lyme town line

  • Interstate 95, [Shore Road], Neck Road, Halls Road, Lyme Street and Boston Post Road

East Lyme: ; Old Lyme town line to Waterford town line

  • Boston Post Road

Waterford: ; East Lyme town line to New London city line

  • Boston Post Road

New London: ; Waterford town line to Groton town line

  • Bank Street, [Bank Street, Jefferson Avenue] (Colman Street), Colman Street, [South Frontage Road] (North Frontage Road) and Interstate 95 (Gold Star Memorial Bridge)

Groton: ; New London city line to Stonington town line

  • Interstate 95, [I-95 ramp] (Long Hill Road, Gold Star Highway), Long Hill Road, Poquonnock Road, Fort Hill Road, New London Road and West Main Street

Stonington: ; Groton town line to Rhode Island State line

  • East Main Street, Broadway, Roosevelt Street, Williams Avenue, Stonington-Westerly Road, South Broad Street and West Broad Street


US 1 generally follows the old Boston Post Road and turnpike roads built to replace it. Specifically, the Greenwich Road, chartered in 1792, was the part in Greenwich, and became part of the longer Connecticut Turnpike (New York to Fairfield) in 1806. The New Haven and Milford Turnpike (1802) continued from Milford to New Haven, and the New London and Lyme Turnpike (1807) connected Old Lyme with New London.

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