twin peaks

twin peaks

Twin Peaks was a dramatic television series that aired for two seasons during 1990 and 1991. It was created by David Lynch and Mark Frost and was initially shown on the ABC television network. Later, as the show developed a cult following, it was syndicated and ran on multiple cable stations in addition to airing in international markets.

The premise of the show centered around solving the murder of a very popular resident in the town of Twin Peaks. One aspect that added to the appeal of the series was that the town of Twin Peaks was notably quirky. Most of the inhabitants revealed a motive for having committed the crime. In this way, viewers were able to excitedly speculate on who the actual murderer was. As the series wound down and suspects were eliminated, the fan base for the show grew.

In addition to the viewer popularity, the show received a number of awards and a host of recognition. Among the accolades were 14 Emmy Award nominations encompassing most of the major and supporting acting roles, it claimed Golden Globe awards for drama and for several members of the cast. Another celebrated achievement of this series was its ranking in the top 50 shows of all time given by TV Guide. The series managed to also rank number nine in the UK based top 50 list for Greatest Television Drama.

Twin Peaks thrilled its own American audience for quite a while and in the process was recognized as a cult iconic series that other series lampooned. It was not uncommon to hear comedians tell jokes about the characters, nor to see commercials and other advertising mediums use bits of the show in their productions during the height of its popularity. There are still fans of the series today and collecting and trading Twin Peaks memorabilia is a past-time that some enjoy.

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