Turok: Rage Wars

Turok: Rage Wars is a first-person shooter video game for the Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Color consoles, that was released at a similar time to other major multiplayer-focused first-person titles (namely, Quake III Arena and Unreal Tournament). The game supports up to four players, or bots (AI-controlled enemies or allies) can be included instead of players (up to a maximum of 4 players). A one player, mission-based or combat-based mode is also available. Like its predecessor, the game allowed use of the RAM Expansion Pak with the Nintendo 64 version, but did not require it. The game is part of the Turok video games series.

Game Modes

  • Single-Player Trials Mode - This mode begins with Turok, Adon, and Bio Bot Elite as the only playable characters. Through single player mode, one can unlock other characters. In the Single-Player Campaign, the player must go through a number of death matches through the various game mode types, and must face all four game bosses as well. Each character in the game must be played to the end of their campaign at least once to unlock other characters and rewards, including Talismans, and an increase in maxiumum health.
  • Two-Player Trials Mode - Similar to the Single-Player Campaign except two players work together through various game types to gain rewards. Some rewards can only be gained in the Two-Player Campaign. (Note: The Two-Player trials mode was affected by a glitch in early copies of the Nintendo 64 game, which prevented progressing past a certain point.)

Game Types

  • Bloodlust - Standard free-for-all deathmatch that can house two to four players.
  • Team Bloodlust - Players and bots could team up with one another in a deathmatch. Up to four teams can be made, although these teams would contain only one player.
  • Capture the Flag - At any given time there is only one flag per map. The object of this game is to find the flag a bring it back to your base, scoring a point. At this point, another flag appears in a randomly generated part of the map.
  • Frag Tag - Similar to Turok 2, in this game a random player is transformed into a monkey. Points are scored for other players by fragging the monkey. It is possible to temporarily turn the other players into monkeys if you are the original.


  • Joshua Fireseed: The current Turok (Turok in Turok 2)
  • Adon: The speaker for The Council of Voices, she fights to protect them. (Turok 2).
  • Elite Guard: One of the Primagen's henchmen. (Turok 2).
  • Campaigner: Badly damaged from the battle with Tal'Set in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter he has cybernetic implants. He seeks vengeance.(Turok: Dinosaur Hunter).
  • Fireborn: A fiery mutation of a dinosoid; also henchmen of the Primagen (Turok 2).
  • Lord Of The Dead: Zombie-like creature. The last of his race. (Turok 2).
  • Mantid Drone: An insect-like creature that served both The Campaigner and The Primagen. (Turok 2).
  • Mantid Soldier: Stronger insects in the Mantid army (Turok 2).
  • Blind One Guardian: A creature that has no eyesight, but compensates with extraordinary senses of smell and hearing. (Turok 2).
  • Oblivion Spawn: A servant of oblivion. (Turok 2).
  • Juggernaut: A cybernetically enhanced Pur-Lin (a reptilian/ape-like creature). (Turok 2).
  • Raptor - Based on the Velociraptor (Turok 2). Unable to use weapons, but may use claws.
  • Mites: Small Mantid hatchlings (Turok 2). Unable to use weapons, but may use claws or spit acid.

Boss Characters
(These characters are bosses in single-player mode, but can be earned.)

  • Bastille: A former soldier in The Lost Land. Wants to kill Turok to get back into the military.
  • Syra: A bounty hunter paid to kill Turok.
  • Symbiont- An alien, arachnid, parasitic species. As a boss, the player must face three of them at once, but only one of them is the real Symbiont boss that must be killed.
  • Tal'Set - The final boss that shares his name with the original Turok. Their connection is unclear.


The available weapons in the game are divided into three ammo types - bullet rounds, energy rounds, and explosive rounds. A player may only carry six pre-selected weapons in the game - a melee weapon (standard for all), two bullet weapons, two energy weapons, and one explosive weapon. All these weapons have a primary and secondary function. Additionally, there are four pick-up weapons that appear throughout the game. If the player unlocks Tal'Set, they are not limited to carrying six weapons. Tal'Set has access to every weapon in the game at once.

The weapons available in the game are as follows:


  • Warhammer
    • Primary fire — A single hammer hit used to bludgeon enemies.
    • Secondary fire — A charged hit that delivers much more damage.


  • Assault Rifle
    • Primary fire — Regular single shot round.
    • Secondary fire — Fully automatic machine gun.
  • Mag 60
    • Primary fire — Three round burst.
    • Secondary fireLaser sight-aided single shot that takes away half the opponent's health.
  • Minigun
    • Primary fire — High speed minigun that can kill in seconds, dubbed "Instant Death".
    • Secondary fire — An energy shield is activated that makes the user invulnerable to all weapons for a short period of time. (Note: This uses energy rounds.)
  • Shotgun
    • Primary fire — Regular single shot round.
    • Secondary fire — A devastating quadruple shot dubbed "The Street Sweeper".


  • Boomerang
    • Primary fire — Regular single toss that slices into enemies.
    • Secondary fire — Charged shot that takes away a third of the enemy's health, as well as slowing them down.
  • Chestburster (Note: This weapon must be unlocked.)
    • Primary fire — Shoots an alien liquid that drains the opponent's life
    • Secondary fire — Single shot that injects an alien fetus into the opponent that will burst out of their chest in approximately ten seconds unless they find a power core or kill you.
  • Emaciator
    • Primary fire — Fully automatic, shoots energy bursts that slowly makes the opponent thinner, eventually killing them.
    • Secondary fire — Single charged shot that thins the opponent very quickly, usually killing them instantly.
  • Flare Gun
    • Primary fire — Automatic, emits green radioactive flares that burns enemies and drains their life.
    • Secondary fire — Single charged shot, emits a large purple radioactive flare that drains enemies' life very quickly.
  • Freeze Gun
    • Primary fire — Automatic, fires multiple ice bolts that bounce off walls and slow the opponents down.
    • Secondary fire — Single "freeze burst" shot that freezes the opponent solid for approximately five seconds. This shot can be planted on the floor or walls as a trap.
  • Inflator
    • Primary fire — Fully automatic, shoots energy bursts that slow inflate the opponent, hurting them in the process.
    • Secondary fire — Single charged shot that inflates the opponent like a balloon until they violently explode.
  • Plasma Rifle
    • Primary fire — Single shot burst of plasma energy.
    • Secondary fire — Sniper scope that turns the weapon fully automatic.
  • Tek Crossbow
    • Primary fire — Single shot Tek arrow.
    • Secondary fire — Sniper scope, shoots a single arrow that drains more than half the opponent's life.


  • Grenade Launcher
    • Primary fire — Fires a single grenade that will bounce around before exploding, unless it hits an enemy.
    • Secondary fire — Fires a single grenade that explodes on impact.
  • Napalm Gel
    • Primary fire — Fires three sticky bombs that stick to opponents.
    • Secondary fire — Detonates the sticky bombs.
  • Scorpion Launcher
    • Primary fire — Basic rocket launcher that fires a single rocket that deals out heavy splash damage.
    • Secondary fire — Places a homing marker on a surface (floor, walls) to which the rocket homes in on.


Note: These one-time-use weapons can be picked up mid-game and may not be pre-selected. They have no secondary fire.

  • Cerebral Bore — Fires a flying mini drill that bores into the opponent's skull to their brain, then explodes.
  • Iron Claw — Essentially a bear trap-like weapon that latches on the opponent's foot and drains a good deal of life.
  • Proximity Fragmentation Mines (PFM) — A set of three proximity mines that explode if an opponent comes near them.

Power Core

A Power Core, or Power Pill, is glowing pink-and-blue crystalline item floating in a set location of an arena map. Most maps have one, while some have two. They are somewhat similar to the "Power Ups" in Quake III Arena in that they give any player who picks one up, temporary powers that make them more dangerous. These powers are randomly selected. When one is picked up, a lightning bolt is displayed in a lower corner of the player's screen. Each Power Core lasts approximately 15 to 20 seconds. An in-game glitch exists if the player has the "Infinite Ammo" cheat activated and is armed with the minigun. Once the Power Core is obtained, if the player presses and holds down the secondary fire energy shield and keeps it held down constantly, they can retain whichever Power Core they have indefinitely.

  • Blast Shield — Explosive Round weapons have no effect on the player.
  • Bullet Shield — Bullet Round weapons have no effect on the player.
  • Damage Reversal — Enemies that inflict damage on a player will receive part of the damage themselves.
  • Energy Absorption — Energy Round weapons do not damage the player, but instead raises his/her health.
  • Invisibility — The player becomes temporarily invisible.
  • Invulnerability — No weapons have any effect on the player.
  • Life Force Vampire — Health is returned to a player by damaging another player.
  • Massive Damage — The damage power of a player’s entire arsenal are dramatically increased.
  • Petrify — All damage caused by any weapon of a player will freeze an enemy in place.
  • Regeneration — Player's health constantly regenerates.
  • Slow Time — All opponents move in slow motion.
  • Speed Burst — The player can run faster.
  • Teleportation — Player randomly teleports to a safe area of map if taking significant damage.


There are 50 medals in the game that can be earned. These are needed to unlock some cheats and character skins. Medal rewards range from defeating bosses, to medals awarded for suicides. On the Nintendo 64 version, one of the medals is impossible to achieve in early (black-cartridge) copies of the game, due to a Two-Player Trials glitch in the "Creature Tag" levels.

Game Boy Color

Once again, and developed by Bit Managers, the Game Boy Color version of the game was very different from its console counterpart including storyline and only sharing the same name. The game improved the formula from the past Turok Game Boy titles and got good reviews.

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