Turnabout (game show)

Turnabout was a BBC Television daytime quiz programme that aired on BBC1 from 26 March, 1990 until 7 October, 1996. The programme was hosted by Rob Curling.


Sphere Game

The sphere game had 16 balls with different colours on them, this was against a time limit of 3:00 minutes. The 3 contestants had to give correct answers using 3 letters, for instance: RAP - A light carriage. Answer - TRAP. If they got it wrong, 5 points would be deducted and another contestant can buzz in. If they got it right, they could choose a sphere to turn their colour. If they got 3 linking spheres, they got 5 points, but if they got 4 in a row, they get 10 points. The next round was the same, but the 3 letters were "Turnabouted" to the backwards letters (e.g - TRU - URT or ALL - LLA).

Pallandrome Game (1990 - 1995)

It's the same as the sphere game but the 3 letters in this game are forwards to backwards (e.g - ESE or OLO).

Star game

In the Star Game, each of the three contestants would get a choice of 3, 3 letter words (e.g. - ANE, ENA or EAN). On the wall would be grid of 16 words with the relevant letters in, and the player would get 10 seconds to study it before 50 seconds to answer as many questions as they could. Each correct answer to a question is worth 5 points and each word would 'flip' over and reveal a star with a colour they're representing. They couldn't come back to any questions if they passed on one or got one wrong. If they got all 16 correct without passing or getting one wrong they'd win 80 points. There is usually another one for the winner after the 2nd sphere game but it was dropped after the 1995 series.

About Turn (Spring 1996 - Autumn 1996)

In this round, the 3 contestants have to buzz in with the 3 letters missing in a word. Each correct answer is worth 15 points for the person in 3rd place, 10 points for the person in 2nd place and 5 points for the person in 1st place. If a contestant gets it wrong 5 points will be deducted from their score.

The Pool

In series 2 the programme introduced a pool of water in the middle of the set, which was explained later in the show's run as to why the pool was in the studio. At one time Rob Curling nearly fell into the pool itself, just as he recovered from falling in he said 'I was just about to fall into the pool there, before I do let's introduce our contestants.'

The ripples in the pool shown at the start and end of the programme was created by someone using a plank of wood moving it backwards & forwards but it had to be reshot a number of times as the person moved the plank too fast causing the water to spill onto the studio floor.

Past Winners

  • 1990: Alec Dalrymple
  • 1991: Jackie McLeod
  • 1992: Glenys Hopkins
  • 1993: David Poulter
  • 1994: David Webb
  • 1995: Mike Billson
  • 1996 Spring: Roger Prebble
  • 1996 Autumn: Wendy Rosser

At the end of the 1992 series a special edition of Turnabout was broadcast featuring the first 3 winners playing against each other which was won by Jackie McLeod.

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