Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie is a 1997 feature-length movie set in the Power Rangers universe. It served as a bridge between the television series Power Rangers: Zeo and Power Rangers: Turbo. The film was directed by sci-fi veteran David Winning; although through a contractual dispute, he only received co-credit with Shuki Levy and no editing influence.

The film was released on March 28, 1997. In its opening weekend, the film played on 2,113 screens, and pulled in $3,301,135. It ultimately grossed $8,109,349 theatrically in the U.S. and $9,615,840 worldwide. This was due to a limited theatrical release. It was however, the 4th highest grossing video in the U.S. in August 1997.


A sinister alien pirate named Divatox hatches a plan to release her fiancee Maligore from the island Muranthias on Earth. To get to the island, she needs to kidnap a wizard named Lerigot from the planet Liaria, and use his magical key. Luckily for Lerigot, he evades capture and flees to Earth, where he seeks the Power Rangers.

The Rangers are practicing for a martial arts tournament. Rocky makes a wrong move and ends up throwing out his back. While visiting him at the hospital, a young friend of the Rangers named Justin discovers the Rangers' identity.

Zordon summons the Rangers to protect Lerigot. Armed with Power Boxes, Tommy and Kat rescue Lerigot from the African wilderness, but they end up losing him to Divatox later on. Divatox takes the wizard to Muranthias along with other captives - Bulk, Skull, Jason, Kimberly, and Lerigot's wife Yara and child Bethel.

Before taking off after Divatox, the Rangers are given new powers by Zordon and Alpha, which makes them Turbo Rangers. They are joined by Justin, who takes Rocky's place as the Blue Turbo Ranger. The Rangers sail on a ship to Muranthias, where they face the Putra Pods. Divatox arrives on the island along with her crew - Elgar, Rygog and an army of Piranhatrons - and sacrifices Jason and Kimberly to Maligore's fire.

The Rangers reach the temple to find their friends turned evil by Maligore's flames. The team battle Jason, Kimberly, and the rest of Divatox's forces as Maligore arises from the fiery pit. Lerigot restores Jason and Kimberly, and the Rangers fight Maligore with their Power Weapons. The Rangers flee, and Maligore grows into a giant. The Rangers call on the Turbozords and form the Turbo Megazord, with which they destroy Maligore.

The Rangers save the day just in time to win the martial arts competition, with Jason replacing Rocky, as an infuriated Divatox swears vengeance on the heroes.


The Turbo Rangers

Tommy Oliver: The Red Turbo Ranger, played by Jason David Frank.Adam Park: The Green Turbo Ranger, played by Johnny Yong Bosch.Kat Hillard: The Pink Turbo Ranger, played by Catherine Sutherland.Tanya Sloan: The Yellow Turbo Ranger, played by Nakia Burrise.Justin Stewart: The Blue Turbo Ranger, played by Blake Foster.

Other Rangers

Jason Lee Scott: The original Red Power Ranger and the second Gold Zeo Ranger, played by Austin St. John.Kimberly Hart: The original Pink Power Ranger and Pink Ninja Ranger, played by Amy Jo Johnson.Rocky DeSantos: The second Red Power Ranger, the Red Ninja Ranger and the Blue Zeo Ranger, played by Steve Cardenas.



The movie features a cameo appearance by Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, where Rita is called by Divatox in hopes of advice to use against the Rangers. The characters would eventually come face to face with each other in Power Rangers in Space's premiere episode for the first and only time.

Differences from the first film

Unlike Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, this one is considered canon, taking place within the continuity of the television series. The first episode of Power Rangers: Turbo takes place after the movie. Additionally, unlike the first movie, the appearance was closer to the television show. The Ranger suits were spandex rather than the armor-like suits of the first movie, and the Zords and Megazord were also costumes rather than computer-generated animation. Certain sets and costumes from the movie, such as the Power Chamber set, the Alpha costume, and the Maligore costume were also used in the television show (Maligore costume modified and reused as Dark Specter in Power Rangers in Space).

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