Tsukasa Hojo

is a Japanese mangaka, or manga artist. He studied technical design while still at Kyushu Sangyo University, where he began to draw manga. He worked on several one-shot stories before releasing his serialized works: Cat's Eye, City Hunter and Angel Heart.

Hojo claims that he really did not have any inspiration for these works other than having to meet a deadline. He says he wrote down a few things, he thought about a few things, and one day the ideas just came to him, out of thin air. In reality, the process was a lot more complicated, with editors involved, but fans got the benefit of Hojo's sense of adventure and humor.

After the success of Cat's Eye and City Hunter, Hojo went on to work on other series such as Family Compo. His current ongoing series is Angel Heart, a spinoff of City Hunter set in an alternate universe. It has been serialized in the Weekly Comic Bunch since 2001 and 21 collected volumes has been published so far.

Tsukasa Hojo is Takehiko Inoue's mentor. Inoue worked as an assistant to Hojo during the production of City Hunter. Hojo is also a long-time friend of Fist of the North Star creator Tetsuo Hara. Hojo did the character design of Reina, who was introduced in the 2006 movie Hokuto no Ken: Raō Den - Jun'ai no Shō.


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