Treaty of Trentschin

The Treaty of Trentschin (Vertrag von Trentschin) or Trenčín was a treaty signed between King Charles I of Hungary, King John of Bohemia, and King Casimir III of Poland. It was signed on 24 August 1335 in Trentschin (Trenčín), Kingdom of Hungary.

For decades the kingdoms of Bohemia and Poland had disputed sovereignty over the duchies of Silesia. Casimir renounced all Polish claims on Silesia in favor of Bohemia in the provisional treaty of Trentschin, which was to be confirmed in Visegrád later in November 1335. It was not until 9 February 1339 that Casimir ratified the agreement in Krakow, however. The treaty was reaffirmed by the 1348 Treaty of Namslau.

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