Shogun Warriors (toys)

Shogun Warriors were a line of toys, licensed by Mattel during the late 1970s that consisted of a series of imported Japanese robots all based on then-popular giant robot anime shows. They were originally manufactured in three sizes, the 24 inch plastic versions, the 3.5 inch diecast metal versions and the slightly taller but much more detailed and articulated 5" diecast versions. There were also several vehicles offered and a set that could be put together to form Combattra (Combattler V).

Shogun Warriors included the following:

Jumbo Size (21" - 24" tall polyethylene)

Die-cast Action Figures (5" tall painted or chromed white metal)

Die-cast 2-in-1 Figures (5-6" tall painted or chromed white metal)

Die-cast Collector Figures (3" tall painted or chromed white metal)

Die-cast Vehicles (painted or chromed white metal)

  • Varitank
  • Solar Saucer
  • Vertilift
  • Shigcon Tank
  • Shigcon Jet
  • Sky Arrow
  • Daimos Truck
  • Bazoler
  • Nessar
  • Kondar
  • Cargosaur
  • Heli-Capter
  • Grand Car
  • Sky Jet
  • Jetcar
  • Dangard Launcher
  • Rydoto
  • Liabe
  • Grandizer Saucer (European Market)

Die-cast U-Combine Combatra Vehicles (painted or chromed white metal)

  • Battlejet
  • Battle Clasher
  • Battle Tank
  • Battle Marine
  • Battle Craft

The most attractive features on these toys were the spring loaded launcher weapons such as missiles, star shuriken, and battleaxes. Some robots were able to launch their fists. The later diecast versions of these toys were also attractive for the ability to transform into different shapes. Raydeen, for instance, was changeable into a birdlike spaceship. These "convertible" editions were the precursors to the "Transformers" line of toy robots but unlike the later toyline it was not unusual for minor dissasembly to be required to achieve the secondary form. There was even a robot named Megatron in issue #18 of the comic, then the name was used multipe times for the leader of the evil Decepticons from Transformers. Also, the second form was not always an apparently useful one, a "giant skull" for instance.

Shogun Warriors was also licensed in 1979–1980 for a 20-issue Marvel comic written by Doug Moench where several of the robots (Raideen, Combatra, Dangard Ace) were incorporated into Marvel Universe stories.

Like certain other toylines of the 70s, the Shogun Warriors came under pressure due to safety concerns regarding their spring loaded weapons features. Children would launch the weapons and hit other children or pets in the eye, or else they would swallow the plastic missiles. Toy manufacturers were facing new regulations due to reported child injuries as a result of playing with these toys. Consequently, many toy companies were forced to remodel existing toylines with child safe variations (such as spring loaded "action" missiles that would remain attached to the toy). For this reason, as well as decreasing sales, the Shogun Warriors toyline disappeared by 1980.

Several of the anime from this toyline were seen in the 80s as part of Jim Terry's Force Five series.

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