Torneo Argentino A

Torneo Argentino A is one of the two leagues that form the regionalised third level of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) football league system. Clubs in Torneo Argentinos B come from all over Argentina, (El Interior).

The other league at level three is the Primera B Metropolitana which is for clubs from the city of Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area (Greater Buenos Aires).


Group phase In the 2007-08 season the league consists of 25 teams divided into three groups. Two groups of eight teams and one of nine teams. The group stages of the tournament will take place between August 18 2007 and April 27 2008.

Final phase The 8 best teams from the three groups will be selected to play in two groups of four, taking place between May 4 and June 8 2008. The teams in each group will play each other twice. The two group winners will play for automatic promotion to Primera B Nacional. The winner of the tie will earn automatic promotion, the loser will go into a promotion/relegation playoff against a Primera B side.

Relegation The two teams with the worst points totals of the 3 bottom placed teams will be automatically relegated to Torneo Argentino B. The other bottom placed team and the 7th placed team with the worst points total will play in the promotion/relegation playoff.

Participating teams 2007-2008

Group A

Group B

Group C

List of champions

Season Champion
1995/96 Juventud Antoniana
1996/97 Almirante Brown and San Martín de Mendoza
1997/98 Gimnasia y Esgrima (Concepción del Uruguay) and Juventud Antoniana
1998/99 Racing de Córdoba and Independiente Rivadavia
1999/2000 General Paz Juniors
2000/2001 Huracán (Tres Arroyos)
2001/2002 Comisión de Actividades Infantiles
2002/2003 Tiro Federal
Apertura 2003 Racing de Córdoba
Clausura 2004 Atlético Tucumán
Apertura 2004 Ben Hur
Clausura 2005 Aldosivi
Apertura 2005 Villa Mitre
Clausura 2006 San Martin (Tucumán)
Apertura 2006 Desamparados
Clausura 2007 Guillermo Brown
'''2007/2008 Atletico Tucumán

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