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Tom Green's House Tonight (formerly known as Tom Green Live) is an Internet-based talk show hosted by Tom Green. In addition to its primary broadcast on, the show was syndicated on television stations throughout North America.

Beginning as a partnership between Green and ManiaTV! (who financed the majority of the show), the webcast is mostly spontaneous with a reliance on celebrity guests and viewer interaction via Skype calls, phone calls and instant messages. The show is set inside Tom's living room, where a fully functional studio has been constructed. Early shows often included technical issues with the phone system, computers, streaming and audio. Many viewers found Tom's reactions to the technical problems to be entertaining as opposed to a hindrance to the show. Tom's regular outbursts towards his off camera staff has become a running joke.


While it is not the first Internet show, Tom Green's House Tonight may be the first Internet call-in talk show, and Tom frequently cites this as an innovation. With little reliance on advertisement funding, his show is similar to public access television, and he often refers to it by a word he coined: Web-O-Vision. It has very few content restrictions, such as a ban on swearing, nudity or drinking, although Tom often discourages talk about politics and sex and tries to refrain from swearing himself. The relaxed and unrestricted nature of the show, along with the fact they are in Tom's home, often leads to a very natural and open style of interview not found on other talk shows. The lack of censorship leaves the show open to prank calls, with racist comments regularly causing Tom to cut the show short.

The show previously aired live Monday to Friday for one hour, occasionally going over the hour. At present the show does not adhere to a set schedule. At any time Green can spontaneously go on the air by literally flipping a switch on a remote control which turns on all of the lights and cameras, hits record and sends out the feed to Most shows can be viewed in the On Demand sections of

The Channel

Tom refers to his website as The Channel. The output of The Channel is not limited to Tom Green's House Tonight. Other shows on The Channel include Poolside Chats (talk show hosted by comedian Neil Hamburger) which is filmed at Tom's house, Leonard Mills Live (Tom in character playing guitar and singing, often about ridiculous subjects) and The Tom and Larry Show (Tom and his ventriloquist dummy). Past shows have included The Robert Kurtz Show (former producer Robert Kurtz searching the internet for funny or shocking content with the help of viewers who call in and send links), Mysteries from Beyond the Other Dominion (an insight into bizarre stories and scientific discoveries hosted by Dr. Franklin Ruehl) and Girl Talk Live (women talking about various subjects). Freestyle Friday aired on Friday nights with live music, a large number of guests and a party atmosphere. More recently, an episode of Tom Green's House Tonight is aired on Friday instead.

Shows appearing on The Channel can vary significantly in length and can last for many hours. On occasions, Green has slept with a live camera on him all night, which is also the practice of more than a few lifecasters. The Channel broadcasts a live stream to the internet 24/7, as the feed switches to a security camera within Tom's living room between shows.

Tom sometimes takes a video camera with him when taking a break from The Channel and posts pre-recorded clips such as his visit to Costa Rica and New York. He once showed his surgery after a skateboarding accident. In 2008 The Channel embarked on its first road trip across the west coast of America. Tom and his team travelled in an RV that had been equipped to allow cameras to be set up in remote locations whilst broadcasting a live video stream using wireless technology. A fixed camera located behind the front windscreen of the RV enabled viewers to follow along with the journey.

Samsung was the shows first sponsor, advertising the Samsung Upstage phone. Budweiser became the next sponsor, with Bud Light commercials being shown before each show. Product placement was also used as bottles of Bud Light would be provided for Tom's guests during every show and bottles could be seen in Green's fridge.

The show is streamed by BitGravity which is a Content Delivery Network. BitGravity CEO Perry Wu has been interviewed on the show, denoting a strong partnership with the company.

Television syndication

In August 2007, Green announced he had split from ManiaTV, which necessitated upgrades to the equipment and technology used to produce and stream the show.

With the upgrades complete, Green launched the all-new on September 27th, 2007 with the help of current producer Victor Borachuk, before leaving for Canada to film for the movie Freezer Burn.

The new site showcases technology by far eclipsing what had been in place before, such as full 16:9 video, live Flash video streaming, and video/audio/text communication with viewers without screening people ahead of time. The show went on to win the TV Guide award for “Best Web Talk Show”.

After several hints by Green that a new partnership would lead to Tom Green Live! being broadcast on television as well as the Internet, in October 2007 Broadcasting & Cable announced the show's January 2008 expansion to TV syndication in a deal with Debmar-Mercury.

To coincide with the television debut Tom Green Live! was renamed Tom Green's House Tonight. As of January 7, 2008 the show appears in a pared-down version on conventional TV on The Comedy Network. On 6th May 2008 the show was announced as the winner of a Webby Award for best variety show in the Online Film and Video category.


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