The Tokoeka, Apteryx australis, is a species of kiwi from New Zealand's South Island. Until 2000 it was considered conspecific with the North Island Brown Kiwi, and still is by some authorities. The Tokoeka is divided into four subspecies.

Subspecies of Tokoeka

  • The Haast Tokoeka is rare (with only about 250 specimens left) and is characterised by its rufous plumage and a more evidently downcurved beak than other species have. Like all subspecies of Tokoeka, the Haast Tokoeka is named for where it lives, Haast.
  • The Stewart Island Tokoeka, Apteryx australis lawryi, is relatively common (20,000 birds) throughout its range, with about 17 birds per square kilometre.
  • The Northern Fiordland Tokoeka is found in the northern parts of Fiordland. It is smaller than its Southern Fiordland and Stewart Island cousins.
  • The Southern Fiordland Tokoeka can be found from the mountains all the way to the beach of its southern Fiordland home. As of 2006, surveys have shown that there are about 5,000 Southern Fiordland Tokoeka left, compared to 10,000 Northern Fiordland Tokoeka.

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