Tilford is a small village about four miles South of Farnham in Surrey, England. It lies within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) The River Wey flows past the village although the river is only navigable from Godalming, 7.3 miles downstream. Two medieval bridges span the branches of the river and are listed as ancient monuments. Several substantial farm houses date from the 16th century. Tilford House was built in 1727 and its chapel in 1776.

In the mid eighteenth century the village was owned by Elizabeth Abney, daughter of Lady Mary Abney; and her detailed local survey map has survived to this day in the British Library.

The Tilford Institute was built in 1894 to Sir Edwin Lutyens' design and is a focus for sport. The village has a triangular green used for cricket in the summer. The Barley Mow pub is adjacent to it. There is also the Rural Life Centre. Some scenes in the film Gladiator were filmed in Bourne Woods which is nearby.

Oak tree

Beside the green, the Tilford Oak is said to be at least 800 years old. William Cobbett thought it was the finest tree he had ever seen. Its branches have been lopped recently and the trunk is patched with iron sheets. In 1822, William Cobbett claimed that the tree was 30ft in circumference. However, when the writer Eric Parker measured the tree in 1907 it was 24ft 9ins; he measured it again in 1934 and found it to be 1ft more.


Waverley Abbey Church of England school is located just outside the village. The name is derived from the ruined Waverley Abbey monastery a few miles away


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