Tiaan Liise-Mar is a main character in Ian Irvine's The Well Of Echoes quartet. She is a skilled artisan, at the manufactory near Tiksi. She is a rival of Irisis Stirm and has budding Geomantic talents. She picked up the Aachim of Aachan's pleas for help, across The Void after discovering the perilous Amplimet. Together with Malien she re-discovers the secret of flight.

Physical Appearance

Tiaan is a woman of middle height and has straight black hair, that reaches up to her jaw. She has dark brown, almost purple, almond shaped eyes and long graceful fingers. She has a slight figure and honey coloured skin. Tiaan is thought by many to be a rare beauty. She has a thoughtful brow and a small full lipped mouth.


Tiaan is always a professional and often reserved, though not cool. She finds it hard to open up to people and is afraid of being hurt. She is incredibly intelligent and solves many problems unaided that are instrumental in the war against the lyrinx. Tiaan often wonders about her father, who she never met and his side of her family Histories.

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