Thrybergh Tins

Thrybergh Tins platform was a short platform built alongside the Great Central and Midland Joint Railway line between Thrybergh Junction, on the Great Central Railway, Mexborough to Rotherham Central line and Silverwood Colliery, near Thrybergh. A connection was also available to the Midland Railway near Parkgate and Rawmarsh. This line never carried any timetabled passenger service. The operation of the line came under the jurisdiction of the station master at Kilnhurst Central.

In 1959 at the request of the local Working Men's Clubs at Thrybergh a short, about 75 feet in length, platform was built near the Park Lane bridge on the G.C.& M.J.R. Silverwood line to serve the "Children's Outings" - seaside day trips for members and their children which were a regular feature in the clubland calendar. The platform was known as "Thrybergh Tins" , but it never had a name board to that effect. The platform was used on 3 or 4 occasions each year and closed in the mid-1960's although it remained in situ until the early 1970's.


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