Theophanes Nonnus

Theophanes Nonnus (or Nonnos)—or Theophanes Chrysobalantes/Chrysobalantites Θεοφάνης Χρυσοβαλάντης or Χρυσοβαλαντίτης (see below)—(c. 950) was a Byzantine physician who wrote an outline of medicine dedicated to Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus.


The extant manuscripts identify the author as Theophanes; the name 'Nonnus' was apparently fabricated by the copyist Andreas Darmarios. The name Chrysobalantes was either an epithet or a variant of the documented Byzantine family name Chrysobalantites. (Sonderkamp, 1984)


  • Joseph A. M. Sonderkamp, "Theophanes Nonnus: Medicine in the Circle of Constantine Porphyrogenitus", Dumbarton Oaks Papers 38 in Symposium on Byzantine Medicine (1984), pp. 29-41. at JSTOR

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