Theatre Pasta Theatre Awards

The Theatre Pasta Theatre Awards are administered by three organizations, Chilsag International, Actor’s Experimental Lab USA and Theatre Pasta, the International Theatre Magazine and are Supported by MIdland Solutions London UK.

Objective …..

An initiative to give recognition to the extraordinary effort done by theatre artists across the world & to appreciates those who have kept theatre alive in spite of all the obstacles they have faced during their journey to enter the world of theatre.

To recognise outstanding accomplishments of theatre professionals whose work has made a significant impact in Theatre.

How it got started

It’s very easy to compromise with what life has to offer you, but what is difficult is to understand and realize your Dream. There are many in the family of theatre who must have been discouraged when they opted to make a career in theatre, not only discouraged but also misguided and criticized but still they believed in their dreams and earned a name for themselves in the Theatre.The committee is committed to strengthen the theatre community & to identity theatre across the world.


Some colours of theatre have faded with time. Its the sincere attempt to get those colours back to theatre so that everybody can enjoy the magic of real theatre.


Shovana Narayan

Jamie McGonnigal

Dadi Pudumjee

M K Raina

Arvind Gaur

Ameeta Sharma


Stephen Schwartz

Satoshi Miyagi

Ruwanthie De Chickera

Mallika Sarabhai

Kewal Dhaliwal

Madeeha Gauhar

Margi Madhu

Leszek Byzdl

Niranjan Goswami

Kurt Deutsch

Arun Kuckreja

Sudeep Gupta

Amitabh Srivastav

Bubbles Sabarwal


International honour for Koodiyattom artiste

Leszek Bzdyl ,a talented Theatre Artist

Mallika Sarabhai

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