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The Salads

The Salads are a punk rock band from Ontario, Canada, with strong reggae tendencies. They are currently signed to Maui Wowie Records, a sub-division of Warner Music Canada, and have been for almost ten years.


Together since grade school in 1986/87, the core band has been playing together for many years. Incarnations of the band are as follows:

  • Lynx
  • Speechless
  • Pearl Necklace
  • The Curious George Invasion
  • 3 Sexy Guys On Stage
  • Nacho Mama (Drunken Cover band)
  • The Salads

In 1997, The Salads entered the studio for the first time, and recorded their debut full-length album, titled "Meanwhile...The Salads". The album went relatively unnoticed, as the band was just beginning to make a real name for themselves. However, the group went on with a new lead singer, and continued to write new music, culminating with the release of an EP, "Who's That?", in 2001, and a second full-length album, "Fold A to B", in 2003.

This album had a much bigger impact than the self-titled debut. Catchy songs such as "Get Loose" and "The Roth Kung Fu" allowed the band to break through and get some airplay throughout Canada. Indeed, the first single, "Get Loose", was featured in a Labatt Blue commercial, which allowed the band to gain an even bigger fanbase. At this point, break-dancer and back-up vocalist Libydo left the band, for personal reasons. The band toured the record for a long time including Warped tour, Simple Plan, Gob, Bif Naked, Fishbone, and many more...

In November 2005, the band re-entered the studio, and began recording their third full-length album, "The Big Picture". By January 2006, the album was completed. The band began a small tour of the province to try out the new material, and then released the album on May 9th. The first single from the album, "Growing Up", with a video featuring Moe Berg. Directed By Willy Choi. The Second single "A Better Way" is currently on Muchmusic with their best video to date. Directed by Chis Walters.

The Salads appeared on this year's Vans Warped Tour as well as 2004. They will be on Warped in the USA and all across Canada this summer. The Salads also recently signed a record deal in Japan and are planning a tour this coming September.

Also, while drummer Grant Taylor toured with US artist Landon Pigg, Darrin Pfeiffer of Goldfinger had been filling in for the concert dates that had been booked. (Oct-Dec) Grant Taylor left the band officially as of 3 January 2007.

The band opened auditions for new drummers and recently discovered Ryan "Leg$" Leger. A 23 year old drummer from Cornwall, Ontario.

  • Eurotrip (DreamWorks Pictures) **Queer As Folk, Hockey Night In Canada, Olympics ***Labatt Blue National TV Campaign, ****GM Canada National TV Campaign, *****Olympics, ******Canadian Idol, *******24, ********Dawson's Creek
    • Degrassi**Instant Star**The Real World**Bite TV**

Band members


  • Mista D: Vocals
  • Chuck Dailey: Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Dave Ziemba: Guitar
  • Ryan "Leg$" Leger: Drums

Former members

  • Darrin Pfeiffer: Drums
  • Grant Taylor: Drums, Backing Vocals
  • Libydo: Dancer, Backing Vocals
  • David Summerfeldt: Bass, Vocals
  • Mike Kerwin: Hand drums/other percussion during the days of "Meanwhile... the Salads".
  • Mike Walsom: Dancing, Keyboards
  • Alex Waite: Spoons, Saxophone
  • Gavin Webb: Velour suits, percussion


Full-length albums


  • Who's That? (2001)
  • Australian Pre-Release Promo (2005)
  • The Big Remixes (2006)


  • "The Salads: Band Gone Wild", 2004.

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