The Mutilator

The Mutilator is a 1985 horror film. It was directed by Buddy Cooper, and stars Matt Mitler,Ruth Martinez,Jack Chatham,Frances Raines,Bennie Moore,and Bill Hitchcock.


While cleaning his father's rifle, Ed accidentally shoots his mother. His father never forgives him for killing his wife. Years pass and Ed is estranged from his father until he receives a message that he should visit his father at a remote beach house. Ed takes several friends who start meeting grisly ends in unlikely ways. Ed's father has become completely unhinged in the time he has spent alone. Ed's father is hunting Ed's friends and killing them one by one to get his revenge.

Actor/Actress Role
Matt Mitler Ed Jr.
Ruth Martinez Pam
Bill Hitchcock Ralph
Connie Rogers Sue
Frances Raines Linda
Morey Lampley Mike
Jack Chatham Jack.Sr
Bennie Moore(as Ben Moore) Cop
Trace Cooper Younger Ed Jr
Steve Davis Student In Bar
Bruce Taylor Student At Dorm
David Bell Deputy Driver

  • UK VIPCO DVD release was ranked highest seller in VIPCO's DVD history
  • worldwide copyright PA0000229826 / 1984-09-07

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