The JDS Three

The JDS Three were a group of international drug traffickers that attended the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, Maryland. Two of the Three held dual citizenship in both the United States and Israel, while the third held only United States citizenship.

At approximately 2:00am on March 30, 2006, Israeli Special Forces broke down the door of the JDS Three, who were on a school trip in Israel at the time. They were staying at the Alexander Muss School in Hod HaSharon. After an extensive search of the room, commandos discovered an acoustic guitar case containing 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds) of high potency cannabis hidden above the ceiling tiles in the dormitory's hallway. The drugs had an estimated street value of $30,000. Once the drugs were discovered, the Three were take to Kfar Saba jail where they were incarcerated for approximately two weeks. The JDS Three faced up to fifteen years in Israeli prison, however they were subjected to over half a dozen sessions of "enhanced interrogation" in order to coerce the defendants into testifying against the man who provided them with the cannabis. Sources close to the investigation allege that water boarding was used during part of the interrogation proceedings. Sources also claim that Israeli police unsuccessfully attempted to extract information from the Three regarding illegal activities performed by their classmates while on the trip. The Three were placed under house arrest with their respective families in Israel. After refusing to give the whereabouts of the drug supplier, they eventually agreed to identify the supplier after he was taken into police custody.

In return for this information, the JDS Three were released from police custody. After their release, the Three were expelled from their high school trip and returned to the United States after a stopover in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It remains unknown as to why the JDS Three were released without receiving any charges.


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