The Hunt for Eagle One

The Hunt for Eagle One is a 2006 film.

Plot summary

The story takes place during Operation Enduring Freedom in The Philippines. A group of U.S. Marines are sent to rescue a captured U.S. Marine and a Filipino Captain while stopping a group of Al-Qaeda-backed local rebels from launching biological weapons. The film produced by the legendary B-movie maker, Roger Corman. The sequel The Hunt for Eagle One: Crash Point, came out on DVD, some months later.

After a successful amphibious insertion, the Marines begin to prepare for combat against the local rebels in the Philippines. While making a routine fly-by, a UH-1 Huey helicopter, carrying some Philippine troops and Marines, is shot down by the rebels. Of the occupants is Captain Amy Jennings (USMC) and Major Aginaldo (Philippine major). Jennings and Aginaldo escape the wreckage, and try to flee from the pursuing rebels.

Meanwhile, a rescue team, devised of Lieutenant Matt Daniels, Captain Seth Cooper, Specialist Hank Jackson, Specialist Jeff Parker, and other Marines attempt to reach the downed Eagle One, but are impeded by rebel AA (Anti Aircraft) fire. So, they are forced to land, combat the rebels, and continue onward to find Captain Jennings and Major Aginaldo.

Jennings and Aginaldo are captured by the rebels, and taken to a village. There, Jennings tries to escape, but is caught. The following morning, Aginaldo is executed by the rebel leader. They take Jennings to their headquarters.

Gen. Frank Lewis (Rutger Hauer) is in charge of the Marine Corps on the island, and receives hell from the higher ranking Marine Corps officials, regarding the captured Jennings.

The Rescue team approaches the village, and learns that the rebels have moved Jennings to their HQ. They begin following the rebels. Jennings is forced by the rebels to tell the United States (through a video camera) that the Marines must leave the island; but she refuses. In response, the rebels torture her.

After battling several rebels, the Rescue Team of Marines link up with Philippine troops, and battle the remaining rebels in the HQ. They rescue Jennings and demo (set demolition charges) the building to explode. They escape from the blast. But the rebel leader survives and crawls out and curses them until Jennings shoots him dead. The film ends with them mourning their losses in victory.


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