The Gingerdead Man

Gingerdead Man is a 2005 film starring Gary Busey. It is shot back-to-back with Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust. The Gingerdead Man was realeased on DVD by Shoot Productions


The film takes place in Waco, Texas and begins at a diner called Cadillac Jack's, owned by the Leigh family, where a deranged patron Millard Findlemeyer (Gary Busey) opens fire on the Leigh family, killing everyone, including Jeremy Leigh (James Snyder) and James Leigh (Newell Alexander), all except Sarah Leigh (Robin Sydney) and her mother, Betty Leigh (Margaret Blye). Two years later, Millard is captured and sent to jail. Because of Sarah's testimony, she sends Millard to the electric chair, and then his ashes are sent to his mother (E. Dee Biddlecome). To vow her son's revenge, Millard's mother mixes her son's ashes with a secret gingerbread cookie mix, and she then sends it to Betty Leigh's Bakery.

Working at the bakery is of course Sarah Leigh, her friends Julia (Daniela Melgoza), Brick Fields (Jonathan Chase), and her mother Betty. Across the street is a new restaurant owned by Jimmy Dean (Larry Cedar) and his beautiful daughter Lorna (Alexia Aleman). Jimmy wants Sarah and Betty to close their bakery because he doesn't want his customers to look at it, since his restaurant's going to have the best food in four counties. Betty, who's been drinking, goes outside and shoots down Jimmy's banner, for trying to shut them down. Sarah then has Julia take Betty home. As Brick and Sarah continue baking, Millard's mom knocks on the back door, sets down the box of gingerbread cookie mix on the ground, and takes off. Sarah and Brick start baking gingerbread cookies, but when Brick starts to cut open another box of cookie mix, he accidentally cuts himself and accidentally bleeds into Millard's cookie mix. Once the cookie dough is done mixing, Brick tells Sarah he's going to take off to the Wrestle Palooza.

Once Brick leaves, Sarah starts making a gingerbread man, and then puts it in the oven. Sarah hears a sound at the counter and finds Lorna, who brought a rat in the bakery so the health department can shut them down for good. For doing this, Sarah throws a pie at Lorna's face, and punches her in the nose, resulting into a little girl fight, and Lorna accidentally hits the power switch, causing electricity to go into the oven bringing the Gingerdead Man to life. When the electricity comes back on, in comes Amos Cadbury (Ryan Locke), Lorna's girlfriend, who has been waiting outside for her to leave a note, which she lied about. Remembering that the oven was on, Sarah quickly turns it off and gets the pan out, and she, Amos and Lorna see the Gingerdead Man talking and running out of the oven for his life. The trio than follow the little cookie into the freezer, and lock him in, but when Amos double checks he doesn't see anything. Sarah then decides to call the police, but soon finds out that the line is dead. Lorna then calls her dad on Amos's cellphone before the batteries go dead.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Betty comes back to look for her stash of alcohol, only to get her finger chopped off by the Gingerdead Man. Then Julia comes back looking for Betty, only to get knocked out by a frying pan. The Gingerdead Man than bruises Betty in the face, and pulls her into the oven. As for Julia, the Gingerdead Man pulls her into the freezer, dumps frosting on her, and gives her some cherrie niples, and a gum-drop tux. Meanwhile with Amos, he goes to get Lorna's cellphone out of his car, only to find the batteries dead also. He then gets a gun out of the passenger drawer and goes back inside. Once he gets back inside, the generator producing the light in the store breaks. The gang decide to go back and try to fix it.

Meanwhile outside, Jimmy Dean comes to pick up Lorna. While stepping out of the car to pace, the Gingerdead Man gets in the car and runs him over by pushing on a rolling pin on the gas pedal. After failing to get the generator starting, the group find a trail of blood leading into the freezer. After Lorna gets tired of waiting for her dad, she decides to go wait for him outside. Amos and Sarah get Julia out of the freezer, and Sarah tells him that she thinks the killer cookie is Millard.

Meanwhile outside, Lorna finds her dead father on top of his own car. She then takes her father's ring off of his finger, and heads back inside, but as she enters the door, the Gingerdead Man slashes her face and runs off. Lorna runs back in the kitchen to go out the back door, only to get herself caught in a booby trap, and gets stabbed in the forehead, with Amos and Sarah watching in horror. As Sarah and Amos start searching for the little cookie, they find Betty's finger on the floor outside of the oven. As Amos gets Betty out of the oven, the little cookie pushes Sarah in the oven, turns it on, knocks Amos out with a hammer, and takes off.

As Sarah is stuck in the oven, Amos shoots at the door's knob and gets her out. Just as she gets out, Brick shows up, claiming that he was watching them from the windows, and Betty and Julia, who are stil alive, rewake from conscientious, but the Gingerdead Man, who has Amos's gun starts shooting at them, but Julia hits him with the frying pan he hit her with, and Brick bites off his face. Just as they're about to leave, Sarah goes back inside to get Brick, only to find him possessed by the Gingerdead Man, but Julia pushes him into the oven, and Amos puts the oven back on, killing the possessed Brick.

Several months later, Betty, Sarah, and Amos start having a bakery sale to donate money to the hospital, with a little help from two nurses (Debra Mayer) and (Kaycee Shank). Two kids come up to Betty and asks her if she has any gingerbread cookies, and one of the nurses tells them that an older lady (Millard's mom) stopped by a few minutes ago and dropped some off. As the nurse opens the box, they show five gingerbread cookies, and all of their eyes open.


Actor Role
Robin Sydney Sarah Leigh
Ryan Locke Amos Cadbury
Alexia Aleman Lorna Dean
Jonathan Chase Brick Fields
Margaret Blye Betty Leigh
Daniela Melgoza Julie
Newell Alexander James Leigh
James Snyder Jeremy Leigh
Larry Cedar Jimmy Dean
Gary Busey Millard Findlemeyer/Voice of the Gingerdead Man


Rumors spread of a sequel in the works entitled "Gingerdead Chick" which reportedly planned to start shooting May 15 2007.

On October 9 2007, it was revealed that "Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust" had begun shooting. It is to include new monsters called "Tiny Terrors" (a pun on the unreleased Puppet Master Bobblehead line).

On July 16 2008, Charles Band announced that he'll be making Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver, which should be out sometime around 2009, along with Puppet Master (film), Demonic Toys, Killjoy (2000 film), and Head of the Family. It is told it's about the tile fiend traveling back in time to the 1970's, where he murders the contestants in a roller-disco contest. William Butler, script writer of this and the previous two, says that it'll have more laughsand gore than the second one


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