The Dudley & Bob Show

The Dudley & Bob Show is the weekday-morning comedy talk show on Austin, Texas, rock radio station 93.7 FM KLBJ, airing from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. central time since 1992.


  • Dale Dudley
  • Bob Fonseca
  • Charlie Hodge
  • Angela Davis, producer
  • Ed Clements, (Sports)

Former Personalities

  • Debra Cole 1992-1999
  • Jeff "Yeti" Gish - Producer - 199?-199?
  • Leanna Holmquist - 1999

Annual events

  • The Flashback Prom
  • The Pregnant Bikini Contest
  • The Hot Grandma Contest
  • The Flog Tournament
  • Steak and BJ Night


The Dudley & Bob Show produced four albums in the 1990s featuring various calls, bits, and sketches released during the Dudley and Bob with Debra years of the show.

The focus of their album releases shifted in the 2000s to live music performed by various local and national musicians appearing on the morning show. Two such albums have been released with discussions of a third in the works.

Year Title Label
1995 Public Enema #1 KLBJ
1996 We're Back and We're Highly Pissed KLBJ
1997 Eugene! Don't Hit 'Em in the Head KLBJ
1998 Prince Albert...Your Refrigerator Is Running KLBJ
2001 Damn It's Early KLBJ
2003 Damn It's 2 Early KLBJ

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