The Crow: City of Angels

The Crow: City of Angels is a 1996 action film and a sequel to the cult film The Crow. The film was directed by Tim Pope.


Ashe Corven (Vincent Perez) is killed alongside his son by a gang of criminals after witnessing a murder, similar to Eric Draven's demise in the first film. As in the first movie, he is resurrected by a supernatural crow and seeks revenge with his new-found powers, killing his murderers one by one until he faces off with the crime boss who ordered his death. Along the way he encounters Sarah (Mia Kirshner), from the first film, now an adult and obsessed with the paranormal, and she helps him take his revenge. The crime boss, Judah Earl (Richard Brooks), wants Ashe's powers for himself, however, and will do his worst to get them.

Several of the plot devices and subplots removed from the movie along with alternate versions of many other scenes from the movie appear in the novelization of the film.


Deleted footage

This movie was heavily cut/edited by Miramax/Dimension Films (the distributor) upon its release. The following footage can only be seen in the workprint and pay-per-view versions of the film:

  • After Ashe's resurrection, Sarah takes him back to her loft where he wakes up. He does not want to believe that he is dead, so Sarah stabs him in the chest with a kitchen knife to prove it to him. Ashe, with a look of horror and disbelief, pulls the knife out of his chest and then runs away as in the released theatrical version.
  • Ashe's last name (Corven) is clearly revealed as he runs back to his garage after his resurrection. The garage reads "Corven's Body Shop".
  • In his fight with Spider-Monkey, Ashe picks up a pistol and says "Don't try this at home, kids" before shooting himself in the head. Ashe then collapses to the ground, faking death. As Spider Monkey approaches him, Ashe pops back up to his feet and scares Spider-Monkey.
  • Ashe fights with Judah's thugs outside of a church. Ashe tells one of them that if he (the thug) has a gun he should shoot him. The thug hesitates, and Ashe takes his gun, forcing the thugs to flee.
  • After killing Nemo, Ashe grabs the stripper Nemo was with and tells her not to come here again.
  • Ashe does not burn Danny's painting. Instead, it falls out of Ashe's coat pocket during his final confrontation with Judah, who rips it up.
  • Ashe changes from a crow then reverts back to human form when he goes down to Kali after throwing her out of the window.
  • Kali is still alive and slowly dying after being thrown out of the window. She then begs Ashe to kill her quickly. Ashe refuses and leaves her to die slowly as her blood forms the symbol of the crow.
  • Judah tells Sarah when he's captured her about himself drowning and nearly dying when he was younger, leading to his obsession with the occult.
  • The ending is different. When Ashe sees the spectre of Danny at the festival, instead of Danny saying to Ashe "If you give up now, we won't be together", he instead says "It is time to go now" and Ashe refuses, saying he has to save Sarah. By doing so he gives up his chance to return to Heaven, cursing himself to live on earth for eternity (since he is already dead and hence can't die). When he carries Sarah's body to the church, a priest asks him "What will you do now, my son?". Ashe replies that he can't let another shadow take over Los Angeles. The flashback shown at the end of the released film was originally at an earlier point in the film.

Several attempts by fans of the film have been made to locate a director's cut version. When aired on pay-per-view, the movie had much of its deleted footage restored. The most complete version available today is a fan made cut using some lost footage and subtitled animatics to tell the story as it was originally conceived.


The screenplay for City of Angels was adapted into a novel by Chet Williamson as well as a three-issue comic book series published by Kitchen Sink Press, both of which feature the original ending of the story.

A video game based on the film was also produced.

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