The Amazing Race 5

The Amazing Race 5 was the fifth installment of the popular American reality television show, The Amazing Race. It aired between July 6, 2004 and September 21, 2004.


Development and filming

Filming began on January 30, 2004 and finished on February 27, 2004.

After the anemic ratings for The Amazing Race 4, CBS chairman and CEO Les Moonves doubted whether the series would be renewed for another season. After much deliberation, CBS officially ordered a fifth installment of the Race in September 2003. Some observers cited the series' recent Emmy win was responsible for its renewal. While CBS flirted with the idea of a fall premiere, it ultimately gave Season 5 a summer broadcast to create momentum for The Amazing Race 6 on the fall schedule.

This season introduced two major twists to the Race: the Yield and a non-elimination penalty. The Yield allowed one team to force another team to stop racing for a predetermined amount of time. The Yield was available on each leg, though it was not presented on each episode. The non-elimination penalty meant teams finishing last on non-elimination legs were penalized by being stripped of any money they had accumulated. In addition, they received no money at the start of the next leg. This was also the first season to see the number of Fast Forwards reduced; only two were available in the entire Race.


The following teams participated in the Race, with their relationships at the time of filming. Note that this table is not necessarily reflective of all content broadcasted on television due to inclusion or exclusion of some data. Placements are listed in finishing order:
Team Relationship Position (by leg) Roadblocks performed 1

1<> 2<> 3<> 4<> 5<> 6<> 7<> 8 <> 10<> 11 12 13
Chip & Kim Married Parents 8th2 8th 7th 1st 4th 2nd 1st 3rd 2nd 4th 1st> 2nd 1st Chip 9, Kim 1
Colin & Christie Dating 7th 6th 1st 2nd 1stƒ 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st 4th< 3rd 2nd Colin 8, Christie 1
Dating / Models 6th 1st 3rd 5th 3rd 4th 4th 2nd 5th 3rd 3rd 1st 3rd Brandon 9, Nicole 1
Linda & Karen Bowling Moms 3rd 4th 6th 6th 7th 6th 3rd 4th 3rd 2nd 2nd 4th Linda 4, Karen 6
Kami & Karli Twins 9th2 9th 5th 7th 6th 3rd 5th 5th 4th 5th Kami 5, Karli 3
Charla & Mirna Cousins 5th 2nd 2nd 4th 2nd 5th 6th Charla 4, Mirna 2
Brothers 2nd 7th 8th 3rd 5th 7th3 Marshall 1, Lance 4
Bob & Joyce Internet Dating Couple 4th 5th 4th 8th Bob 1, Joyce 2
Jim & Marsha 10th 3rd 9th Jim 1, Marsha 1
Alison & Donny Dating 1st 10th Alison 0, Donny 1
Dennis & Erika Once Engaged 11th Dennis 0, Erika 0

The Roadblock count does not include the results of any unaired Roadblocks.
Chip & Kim and Kami & Karli arrived 1st and 2nd, respectively, but they had missed the clue to the Detour, having simply arrived by chance at one of the options. They had to go back and get the clue before checking in, causing them to fall to 8th and 9th.
Marshall & Lance decided to quit the Amazing Race, due to Marshall's knee injury.

  • Red means the team was eliminated.
  • An underlined Blue team's placement means the team was the last to arrive at a pit stop in a non-elimination leg of the race. They were forced to give up all their money and did not receive any money at the beginning of the next leg.
  • Green ƒ means the team won the Fast Forward clue. A green-colored leg number indicates that the Fast Forward was available for that leg but not used.
  • A yellow > means that team chose to use the Yield; < indicates the team who received it; <> indicates that the Yield for that leg was available but not used.

Episode title quotes

Episode titles are often taken from quotes made by the racers.

  1. Clearly, I'm More Intelligent than You – Alison
  2. It Turned Ugly Just Now – Kami
  3. I Got Electrocuted – Charla
  4. Who Says Pageant Girls Don't Eat? – Brandon
  5. Are You Good at Puzzles? – Brandon
  6. Why Can't We Get a Camel? – Marshall
  7. Are You Sure This is Safe? – Nicole
  8. I'm Going to Jail – Colin
  9. If You're Going to Whine, Just Shut Up! – Karen
  10. If They're Screwing the Helmet to My Head, It Can't Be Good! – Linda
  11. It's Okay, Run Them Over! – Christie
  12. You've Just Made Me a Millionaire – ''Chip

Notable race events



  • Leg 1 is the first introduction of Yield.
  • Natalia Rodriguez Lassiy, Miss Uruguay who competed in Miss World 2003, welcomed the teams in the Pit Stop of Leg 1.
  • Nicole took 4 hours to complete the caviar challenge in Saint Petersburg in Leg 4.
  • Marshall and Lance were the first team in Amazing Race history to quit. Marshall was suffering from a knee injury in the Roadblock in Luxor, Egypt, on Leg 6 and the team arrived at the task site after all others had left. They decided to give up.
  • After Leg 6, Amazing Race 5 marks the most females remaining on the show: nine.
  • The production moved the Dubai legs of the race from the originally planned location of Istanbul, Turkey. The reason for this decision has not been disclosed. Istanbul was, however, visited by the Race two seasons later.
  • During the Detour of Leg 11, Colin in frustration of trying to steer an ox uttered "My ox is broken!" This saying has become a catchphrase for the Race, and inspired the title of the book "My Ox is Broken!: Detours, Roadblocks, Fast Forwards, and Other Great Moments from TV's 'The Amazing Race'" written by Adam-Troy Castro.
  • The woman that welcomed the teams in the Pit Stop of Leg 11 (Rotorua, New Zealand to Manila, Philippines) was Luli Arroyo, the daughter of the current Philippine president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
  • In Leg 12 where the teams are tasked to find the Philippine flag, the other two flags the teams chose were actually those of the Czech Republic and Equatorial Guinea, both similar in design to the Philippine flag.
  • On the final leg (Leg 13), Colin ordered the limousine in Dallas by using a fake credit card number. Teams were only allowed to use their provided credit cards for purchasing airfare.
  • A tire blowout in Dallas on Colin and Christie's limousine was not shown in Leg 13. This mishap essentially prevented them from winning the race.
  • There were 36-hour pitstops in Leg 4; Leg 6; Leg 10 and Leg 12.
  • Season 5 holds the record for having visited all six continents The Amazing Race has visited, and is so far the only season to have accomplished this. It also has the longest distance travelled amongst all seasons so far.


  • Two challenges were edited out of the program since they did not affect team placement. The first was a nut finding Roadblock in the markets of Dubai; the second, a tipi building challenge in Banff, Alberta The clam-hunting task in the Philippines, presented as a normal challenge, was originally one of two Detour choices. The yellow Detour clue is visible in several Racers' hands, particularly Kim's, and the second Detour choice was never presented on-air.
  • Charla & Mirna appeared on MADtv in an Amazing Race parody.
  • Colin & Christie gave one of their trips to Dennis and Erika.
  • Charla & Mirna appeared in the audience of The Price Is Right, but neither of them was chosen into Contestant's Row.
  • Charla & Mirna and Chip & Kim appeared on Bravo TV's Battle of the Network Reality Stars. Charla & Mirna were each eliminated, but Mirna returned and ended up on the winning team.
  • Charla appeared in the "reality stars" themed first game of Season 7 of Celebrity Poker Showdown.
  • Colin proposed to Christie during the Early Show interview after the race.
  • Charla appeared on HBO's The Comeback starring Lisa Kudrow.
  • Charla & Mirna were featured in recap on various episodes of The Soup on E!.
  • Charla and her husband are expecting their first child (news of September 2007).
  • Charla has given commentaries and comments on the The Amazing Race All-Stars episodes that are airing in repeats on the Fox Reality cable channel. Mirna is noticeably absent from these segments, making Charla the only All-Star racer who is not appearing with their race partner during these genial talking heads.
  • Erika is now a producer with the show and was on-hand during the Season 12 open casting call in Cabazon, CA.
  • Charla & Mirna were selected to race in The Amazing Race All-Stars. Lance & Marshall sent them a letter in the mail-sorting Roadblock on Leg 4, where they called Charla & Mirna annoying in every language they knew, and hoped they would be eliminated very soon. Mirna later said, "At least we're not fat-asses who quit!". The other letter for them, which wasn't shown, was from Linda and Karen (every team had two other teams' letters to potentially find).
  • Colin & Christie were expected to be on the All Stars edition, but they didn't make it because Christie was pregnant. They are now parents of a baby boy.
  • Christian Dating couple Brandon & Nicole are no longer dating. Nicole is now engaged.
  • Dating couple Alison & Donny broke up. Alison later appeared on Big Brother: All Stars and was the first person voted out. She is now a dancer for the Arena Football League's Orlando Predators franchise.
  • Karli got married.
  • Marshall got married, with Kami & Karli, Lance(his brother), Dennis & Erika, Chip & Kim, and Colin & Christie attending.
  • Charla & Mirna appeared on VH1's 40 Greatest Reality Moments 2 in clip #15, where Charla falls wearing her suit of armor. (Season 11: All-Stars)


Individual prizes were awarded to the first team to complete a leg.

  • Leg 1 - A vacation to Hawaii provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 6 - A vacation to exotic Mexico provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 7 - A vacation to sunny Latin America provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 8 - A vacation to sunny Caribbean provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 9 - A vacation to exotic Mexico provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 10 - A vacation to Europe provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 11 - A vacation to Hawaii provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 12 - A vacation to sunny Caribbean provided by American Airlines website
  • Leg 13 - $1,000,000

Race summary

Leg 1 (United States → Uruguay)

The Detour for this Leg of the Race was Zips or Chips. In Zips, Teams had to ascend into a penthouse and travel by zip-line down to the hotel pool to receive their next clue. In Chips, Teams had to play roulette in the hotel casino with 20 chips and would receive their clue if they won a game. If they lost all of their chips they would have to do the Zips task.Additional tasks

  • At the Gorriti Island, Teams had to search for three different departure times hidden on 11 trees.
  • At the Meat Warehouse, Teams had to carry a 55 pound slab of meat, from the meat warehouse, to a butcher.

Leg 2 (Uruguay → Argentina)

The second Detour was Perro or Tango. In Perro, Teams had to walk eight dogs to three checkpoints.In Tango, Teams had to travel to a theatre. The teams were then given a photo of a tango dancer in the theatre. they had search the theatre, which was filled with tango dancers, who looked similar to each other, to find the dancer who matched their photo. they then gave the photo to the dancer. if the teams gave it to the wrong dancers, the dancer would take the photo and they would have to get a new one. The first Roadblock of the race was to play a game traditionally played by a children into a ranch, ribbon roping. One team member had to remove a bandana from the neck of one of the calves.Additional task

  • At the start of the leg, Teams had to rip open a foam ball, to get the clue inside.

Leg 3 (Argentina)

The Roadblock required one team member to search through 11,000 chocolates (by biting into them) until they located one with a white center. The Detour was Smooth Sailing or Rough Riding. In Smooth Sailing, each teammate had to paraglide in tandem with an instructor off a mountain. In Rough Riding, teams had to mountain bike a six-mile (10 km) course down the mountain.Additional task

  • At the Civic Center, Teams had to find the mayor.

Leg 4 (Argentina → Russia)

This leg's Detour was Block 5 Shots or Drink 1 Shot. In Block 5 Shots, teams had to travel to an ice hockey rink and block five slap shots by professional hockey players. In Drink 1 Shot, teams had to travel to a Palace, and perform a cossack ritual: Balance a shot glass of vodka on the blade of a saber, and tilt the sword to drink the vodka, without dropping the glass. The Roadblock required one team member to eat one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of caviar.

Leg 5 (Russia → Egypt)

The Fast Forward on this leg of the race was to carry a sarcophagus into the temple. In the Roadblock for this leg of the race, one team member had to descend into Osiris Shaft to retrieve a satchel containing puzzle pieces which were used to find the next clue. The Detour was Rock & Roll or Hump & Ride. In Rock & Roll, teams had to use traditional techniques to transport two stone blocks. In Hump & Ride, teams had to transport two camels loaded with carpets to a merchant.Additional task

  • At the Hermitage Museum, teams had to find the painting of the Return of the Prodigal Son.

Leg 6 (Egypt)

The Detour for this leg of the Race was Herd It or Haul It. In Herd It, teams had to load ten goats into a sailboat and deliver them to a shepherd on the other side of the Nile River. In Haul It, teams had to haul water from the Nile and transport it by donkey to fill a cistern. In the Roadblock, one team member had to use archeological tools to dig, in a plot of sand, for a stone scarab.

Leg 7 (Egypt → Kenya → Tanzania)

The Detour was Buzzing or Busy. In Buzzing, teams had to travel by bicycle to a local honey farm and harvest two kilograms of honey. In Busy, teams had to travel to a furniture store and deliver two chairs to a specified house. The Roadblock required one team member to eat an ostrich egg.Additional task

  • At the Z. Boskovic Air Charters, teams signed up for a charter flight to a mystery destination. The flights were at 8.00am, 8.45am and 9.30am.
  • After the Roadblock, Teams must do the zipline known as Flying Fox, over the gorge below to proceed the next pit stop.

Leg 8 (Tanzania → Kenya → United Arab Emirates)

The unaired Roadblock involved buying nuts in the market and delivering them to a ship. The Detour was Off Plane or Off Road. In Off Plane, teams had to travel to the Al Quwain Aero Club and tandem skydive with an instructor to a landing site in the Margam Dunes. In Off Road, teams had to travel directly to the Margam Dunes and drive an ATV over a six mile (10 km) course to the skydiving landing site.

Leg 9 (United Arab Emirates → India)

The Fast Forward instructed teams to travel to a temple and engage in head shaving, a traditional Hindu ritual. For the Roadblock, one team member was required to use a traditional mold to make 20 mud bricks. The Detour required a choice between Heavy but Short or Light but Long. In Heavy But Short, teams had to travel over ten miles (16 km) to Land's Down to transport a taxi a half-mile to a local garage. The taxis have no engines so teams had to push them. In Light But Long, teams had to travel to Calcutta's largest flower market to find a particular stall and receive a garland, which they must then release into the Ganges River.Additional task

  • Upon the opening of Wild Wadi, Team members had to take turns to ride a free waterfall slide.

Leg 10 (India → New Zealand)

The Detour was Clean or Dirty. In Clean, teams had to drive to Okere Falls and complete a one mile (1.6 km) whitewater river sledge course. In Dirty, teams had to travel ten miles (16 km) to Hell's Gate and search for clues buried in a hot mud pit. In the Roadblock, one team member had to inflate a Zorb and ride it down a hillside. At the bottom of the hill, the rider had to walk the Zorb a short distance to cross a finish line, then get out and join his/her teammate and run to the Pit Stop.

Leg 11 (New Zealand → Philippines)

In the Roadblock for this leg, one team member had to climb a ladder to the underside of Auckland Harbour Bridge. From there he or she had to walk along narrow girders until reaching the clue, and were then lowered to a waiting boat below. The Detour was Plow or Fowl. In Plow, teams had to choose a marked field and use an ox-drawn plow to till the soil, until the plow caught on a buried rope attached to a hidden clue. In Fowl, teams had to herd 1,000 ducks from one pen to another away.Additional task

  • At Malagueña Motors in Cavite province, Teams must decorate a jeepney completely. When it's finished, Teams will get their next clue.

Leg 12 (Philippines)

In the one aired choice for the Detour, Teams had to put on snorkel gear and search underwater for one of four giant clams containing their next clue. The Roadblock for this leg required one team member to climb a rock wall using an ascender.

Leg 13 (Philippines → Canada → United States)

There was a final Roadblock of this race, which went unaired, that required one team member to build a teepee outside the Banff Springs Hotel. The final Detour was Slide or Ride. In Slide, teams had to complete the Olympic course on a two-man luge in 34 seconds or less. In Ride, teams had to use mountain bikes to complete the Olympic slalom course in three minutes or less.Additional tasks

  • At the Shopping center, in an unaired task, teams had to pick an article of winter clothing (either jacket or gloves) for the rest of the leg.
  • At the Fort Worth Stockyards, teams had to go into the giant maze to find a key to unlock a box containing the final clue.


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