Telluride (chemistry)

The telluride ion is Te2−. It is the final stable member of the series of dianions O2−, S2−, and Se2−.

Tellurides also describe a class of compounds formally derived from Te2−; i.e., their electronic structure is reasonably well approximated by considering the tellurium atom as having an octet configuration. Using this approach, Ag2Te is derived from Ag+.


See Tellurides for a list.


In aqueous solution, Te2− exists only at high pH. In neutral conditions, hydrogen telluride ion, HTe, is prevalent. In acid conditions, hydrogen telluride, H2Te, forms. Products of three reaction products with tellurium have economic importance: cadmium, bismuth and lead. Cadmium telluride has photovoltaic acitivity, while bismuth and lead tellurides are exceptional thermoelectric materials.

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