TekWar (or Tek War) is a series of science fiction novels authored by William Shatner. This series was ghost-written for Shatner by science-fiction author Ron Goulart. The novels gave rise to a series of TV movies and a series, both of which featured Shatner.

The Tek universe is centered around "tek"–an addictive, computerized mind-altering drug. The protagonist, Jake Cardigan is framed for dealing in the drug four years before the start of the story. Having been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, he is released early.


  1. TekWar, 1989, ISBN 0-399-13495-6
  2. TekLords, 1991, ISBN 0-399-13616-9
  3. TekLab, 1991, ISBN 0-399-13736-X
  4. Tek Vengeance, 1993, ISBN 0-399-13788-2
  5. Tek Secret, 1993, ISBN 0-399-13892-7
  6. Tek Power, 1994, ISBN 0-399-13997-4
  7. Tek Money, 1995, ISBN 0-399-14109-X
  8. Tek Kill, 1996, ISBN 0-399-14202-9
  9. Tek Net, 1997, ISBN 0-399-14339-4

Television films and series

TekWar became a series of television films and later a television series. Greg Evigan played Cardigan in the television adaptation. The films were produced in 1994 and the TV series produced from 1995 to 1996. The series was a Canadian production, filmed in Toronto, Canada, in association with United States studios and aired in the United States during Universal Television's Action Pack. Koch Entertainment released the complete television series without the four television films on DVD in Canada in 2004. Image Entertainment released the complete series without the four television films on DVD, June 10, 2008.

Common cast

Greg Evigan as Jake Cardigan
Eugene Clark as Sid Gomez
Torri Higginson as Beth Kittridge
William Shatner as Walter H. Bascom
Von Flores as Sonny Hokori
Marc Marut as Danny Cardigan
Natalie Radford as Nika
Maria del Mar as Sam Houston

Television films

  1. TekWar (sometimes called Tekwar: The Movie)
  2. TekLords
  3. TekLab
  4. TekJustice

Television series

The TekWar television series aired from December, 1994 to February, 1996 on CTV. With the TV films included, the series is sometimes considered Season Two.


  1. "Sellout"
  2. "Unknown Soldier"
  3. "Tek Posse"
  4. "Promises To Keep"
  5. "Alter Ego"
  6. "Stay Of Execution"
  7. "Killer Instinct"
  8. "Chill Factor"
  9. "Deadline"
  10. "Carlotta's Room"
  11. "Deep Cover"
  12. "Cyber Hunt"
  13. "Zero Tolerance"
  14. "Forget Me Not"
  15. "The Gate"
  16. "Skin Deep"
  17. "Redemption"
  18. "Betrayal"

Comic book series

William Shatner's TekWorld (or Tek World), published by Epic Comics/Marvel, 1992 to 1995.


  1. "Born Again"
  2. "Across the Border"
  3. "Warbride Revisited"
  4. "Fatal Reunion"
  5. "Tek War"
  6. "Moon Kill"
  7. "Space Jack"
  8. "Welcome Back Cardigan"
  9. "Prison Bound"
  10. "Fugitives"
  11. "Disorder at the Border"
  12. "Chasing Shadows"
  13. "Bionic Duel"
  14. "Attack of the Zombies"
  15. "Plague?"
  16. "Back to the Freezer"
  17. "Destination Kyoto"
  18. "Showdown at the Shrine"
  19. "SIMS of the Father"
  20. "Hand of the Rising Son"
  21. "Who Aren't in Heaven"
  22. "Fathers & Guns"
  23. "We'll Be Right Back..."
  24. "A Matter of Innocence"

Video game

TekWar was also made into a 1995 computer game by Capstone Software using the Build engine.

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