A tehsildar is revenue administrative officer in Pakistan and India in-charge of obtaining taxation from a tehsil. The term is of imperial Mughal origin made of "tahsil"--an Islamic administrative derived from Arabic, meaning "revenue generating; collection" + "dar", Persian for "holder of a position," together meaning tax collector. it was also used during British Rule. The deputy of a tehsildar is known as a naib tehsildar.

British rule

During British rule the tehsildar was a stipendiary officer of the government to raise revenue, in the "History of the Colonies of the British Empire: From the Official Records", Robert Montgomery Martin described local government as follows :

The lowest police officer is the village watcher. There are several in the villages who perform the lower offices. They are under the control of the head of the village: the head of the village is under the control of the Magistrate, who is the collector.


In Pakistan a tehsildar is responsible for obtaining revenue from a tehsil, which is then used by the district government, typically a district will contain multiple tehsils.


A present-day equivalent position in the Indian government would be a District Collector. A District Collector is a Central Indian Government appointee who is in charge of the governance of a district in a state.

District Collectors are officers of the Indian Administrative Service and are the most powerful government officials of the district. They are entrusted the task of handling law and order, revenue collection, taxation, the control of planning permission and the handling of natural and man-made emergencies. A collector was a crucially important colonial officer placed at the district level and entrusted with the responsibility of revenue collection and other civil duties.

Tehsildar acts as an assistant collector and 2nd class magistrate for his tehsil for revenue administration and also there is one Tehsildar in each tehsil who is assisted by additional Tehsildar.


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