Technical marketing

The term technical marketing originated at the beginning of the explosion of the commercial Internet. Technical Marketing bridges the gap between engineering and sales. In a sentence it can be condensed to, “the art of bringing together significant research on a product and presenting the 'Delta' features in a dramatic way".

As the computer industry continued to mature toward the turn of the millennium, there continued to exist a gap between engineering and sales. Engineers were highly talented at building brilliant and powerful computer systems, and sales were equally proficient at relationship management and generating revenue. System’s Engineers oftentimes filled that gap but they’re focus was on revenue and not marketing. There was an increasing need for marketing talent to bridge the gap between sales and engineering, to take the products engineers had built and articulate them in a meaningful way so that sales people and systems engineers could convert them into sales revenue. More and more companies in the Silicon Valley began to hire “Technical Marketing Engineers” to bridge the gap between sales and engineering, and to increase sales revenue. Technical Marketing has become a key role in bringing products to market and a key component in competitive strategy in maximizing industry leadership and revenue.

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