Tati Concessions Land

The Tati Concessions Land was a concession created in the borderlands of the Matabele kingdom and the Bechuanaland Protectorate. The concession was originally made by the Matabele King to Sir John Swinburne. It was administered from the Bechuanaland Protectorate after 1893, but after 1911 was formally annexed to it. It was locally administered by a Justice of the Peace. The chief town of this region is Francistown, now one of Botswana's major settlements.


* 1864: Gold is discovered in Tati River area, then part of the Matabele kingdom.
* 1872: Concession granted to Sir John Swinburne (b. 1831 - d. 1914), he later acquires most other concessions.
* 1893: Tati Land detached from Matabeleland and placed under the jurisdiction of the British Resident Commissioner of the Bechuanaland Protectorate.
* January 21,1911: Annexed to Bechuanaland (now Botswana) via the Tati Concessions Land Act, with a special agreement to preserve rights of access for Rhodesian Railways (now the National Railways of Zimbabwe).

The Tati Concessions, Limited was formed by Swinburne and given the right by the British Government to isssue its own Revenue Stamps in the 1890s for use on legal instruments.

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