Tarumi Railway Tarumi Line

The is a Japanese railway line in Gifu Prefecture, between Ōgaki Station, Ōgaki and Tarumi Station, Motosu. This is the only railway line operates. There was a freight rail service that transports cements for Sumitomo Ōsaka Cement of Sumitomo Group Gifu factory. It once accounted for 40% of the whole revenue, but the freight operation ceased in spring, 2006. The line is now under difficult business condition.


The line was planned as a national interest, in a law of Japanese government, as a railway line from Ōgaki via Ōno in Fukui Prefecture to Kanazawa in Ishikawa Prefecture. The construction began in 1935. The first section in service was in 1956 between Ōgaki and . Two years later, an extension to (present ) was made.

In 1984, due to deficit, sparse traffic and dead end route, the operation and possession was transferred from the then Japan National Railways (JNR) to the third sector (in Japanese sense) Tarumi Railway.

The extension to complete present stretch from Kōmi to Tarumi 10.9km was done in 1989.

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Name Distance (km) Connections Location
大垣駅 0.0 JR Central: Tōkaidō Main Line
Yōrō Railway Yōrō Line
Gifu Ōgaki
東大垣駅 2.7  
横屋駅 4.5   Mizuho
十九条駅 5.5  
美江寺駅 7.5  
北方真桑駅 10.8   Motosu
モレラ岐阜駅 12.5  
糸貫駅 13.4  
本巣駅 16.2  
織部駅 17.5  
木知原駅 20.2  
谷汲口駅 21.6   Ibigawa, Ibi District
神海駅 23.6   Motosu
高科駅 25.2   Ibigawa, Ibi District
鍋原駅 26.4   Motosu
日当駅 28.3  
高尾駅 30.5  
水鳥駅 32.5  
樽見駅 34.5