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  • TANGO a CORBA based control system
  • "TANGO", short for technical assistance NGO
  • Tango 01, the call sign of the Boeing 757]presidential aircraft in Argentinas Agrupación Aérea Presidencial
  • Tango class submarine is the NATO code name for the Russian Project 641B Som submarine class
  • Tango (Double Fifth), aka Duanwu (端午), the fifth day of the fifth month in East Asian lunisolar calendars
  • Tango no Sekku, aka Kodomo no hi, aka Children's Day, a Japanese national holiday on the fifth day of the fifth month of each year
  • Tango Province, Japan, an old province in today's northern Kyoto Prefecture
  • Tangov, Azerbaijan
  • Word representing the letter T in the NATO phonetic alphabet

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