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TU Media Corp. is South Korea's first mobile broadcast service company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Its name stands for "TV for you." It was established in 2003 as a subsidiary of SK Telecom. SK Telecom owns 44% of the company's shares. Currently about 1.3 million people are subscribers to the service.


TU Media Corp. provides services on the Satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (S-DMB) network with full coverage for Korean peninsular.

In April 2006, in preparation for the 2006 FIFA World Cup service was made available along the entire KTX rail system; providing a high quality reception at a travelling speed of 300 km/h.

On May 25 2006, TU Media opened its service in the Busan Subway system.

Opening Up a New and Better World

A new concept in personal mobile broadcasting breaks the limits of time and space. TU Media is opening new horizons in mobile broadcasting service with the world’s first and best satellite Digital Multimedia Broadcasting(DMB) technology. TU's service lets you view digital-quality high-definition broadcasts on the go via a frequency transmitted from the satellite to your TU handset on which both satellite DMB and cellular services operate. This service is also able to offer interactive multimedia service by employing a wireless carrier’s network as a return path. TU Media, a pioneer in the mobile TV arena, will keep leading you towards the converging revolution of telecommunication and broadcasting and will open up a newer and better mobile broadcasting world that you have never seen.

Channels and Programs

TU Media is committed to continue being a media provider that brings you new enjoyment and benefits. TU offers a total of 40 video and audio channels for the mobile environment as well as 1 data channel for traffic information.

Video channels broadcast a variety of programs from all genres; entertainment, education, sports, games, dramas, movies, music and news. TU Media owns and operates several channels including TU sports, TU entertainment, and TUBOX which offer exclusive programs for customers who have high demands for unique entertainment.

Audio channels offer unique listening experiences. Nonstop music channels are commercial-free featuring music by theme and by genre. DJ channels provide exclusive exciting programming with star DJs. English channels deliver international news, entertainment shows and educational programs as well. Our visual radio channel offers interesting information with slide shows to hit songs.

TU Milestones

2001 Sep. Applied for the registration to the ITU Satellite Network(by SK Telecom)

2002 Nov. Established Wireless Test Center(Seoul)

2003 Sep. Signed a contract with Japan’s MBCo for joint possession of DMB satellite

2003 Dec. Established TU Media Corp.

2004 Feb. Completed Broadcasting Center

2004 Mar. Successfully launched DMB satellite called ‘Hanbyul’

2004 Dec. Acquired satellite DMB business license

2005 Jan. Began pilot satellite DMB service

2005 May Launched commercial satellite DMB service with 7 video and 20 audio channels

2006 May Offered 12 video and 26 audio channels

2006 Dec. Reached 1,020,000 subscribers

2007 Apr. Lauched a data channel for traffic information

2007 Sep. Offered 18 video and 20 audio channels

2008 Feb. Reached 1,300,000 subscribers

2008 Jun. Offered 21 video and 19 audio channels

2008 Jul. Reached 1,400,000 subscribers

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