T-Online, a former subsidiary and now business unit of Deutsche Telekom, is the biggest internet service provider in Germany. It evolved out of the proprietary German Bildschirmtext (BTX) information service in 1995.

T-Online had an estimated 13.4 million customers in Europe in the first quarter of 2004 and a sales volume of about 1.58 billion euro in 2002; the business unit, which is based in Darmstadt, has about 2600 employees, of which 2000 are located in Germany.

The T-Online brand is also used in Hungary, Austria and Switzerland.

T-Online France is the French subsidiary of T-Online International AG, Deutsche Telecom's internet arm. With almost 1 million registered customers and 2,000 points of sale in convenience stores and supermarkets, T-Online France is one of France’s leading providers of internet access. Its portal receives more than 30 million visits and 213 million pages are viewed per month.

Key Milestones

  • 1995: Deutsche Telekom renames the BTX service as "T-Online".
  • Spring 2000: T-Online becomes the first major ISP in Germany to offer a flat-rate dialup plan for consumers. This was important because local telephone calls in Germany, including dialup access to ISPs, were not offered on a flat price per call (i.e., unlimited) basis. The flat-rate service was also offered to customers with ISDN connections at the same price as for analog service.
  • Spring 2001: T-Online announced the demise of the flat-rate dialup plan but offered a flat-rate DSL plan in its place.


  • Free services:
    • T-Online Messenger (TOM)
    • Internet Telephony (based upon an individual 032-telephone number)
    • E-Mail

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