Sybok, played by Laurence Luckinbill, is the antagonist in the Star Trek film Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.


Sybok was the son of Ambassador Sarek by a Vulcan princess; he is Spock's half-brother. As a youth, Sybok was exceptionally gifted and possessed great intelligence. It was assumed that he would become a scholar. Sybok believed that he had (or gained) the power to remove people's "secret pain." Sybok rejected the Vulcan ways of pure logic and the suppression of emotions. For this, and his belief in Sha Ka Ree (Eden), he was banished from Vulcan. Eventually, Sybok hatched a plot to get to Sha Ka Ree. In order to reach this location, he first made his way to the planet Nimbus III. There he and his army of followers hijacked the USS Enterprise-A. Sybok attempted to recruit Spock, but was unsuccessful. The Enterprise eventually reached Sha Ka Ree, but Sha Ka Ree was not Eden.

At Sha Ka Ree Sybok realized that the being dwelling there was not God, but a non-corporeal being, and that he had been duped. Sybok sacrificed himself in a diversion intended to allow his half-brother, James T. Kirk and Leonard McCoy to escape.


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