Susan Roshan

Susan Roshan born September 23, 1967 in Tehran, Iran) is a famous Iranian singer who has released 6 successful albums and has had countless hits.


Susan and her family moved to the United States when she was 9 years old. She entered the Iranian music scene with her first album " Khakestar" only released on tape. Her second album Doroogh Nagoo allowed her to gain acclaim. Many believe this to be her first album when in fact it was her second. She reached fame with her third. album Bibi Eshgh (released in 1995). The album was that year’s bestseller with many unforgetable hits like Aria, Ghomarbaaz and Haghighat.

Susan is noted to liberally exercise her sex appeal in her music videos. Her Haghighat video directed by Alireza Amirghassemi raised much controversy for its revealing outfit, which was ahead for its time. She is also considered one of the most beautiful Iranian women as her look examplifies a typified Iranian look. In 1996, she collaborated with another Iranian singer, Siavash, and the resulting album was a success with two number one hits. Since then she has recorded three other notable albums. Her latest album named Vasvaseh (temptation in persian) was released in 2006. Susan has a brother named Payman.


Taraneh Records releases

  • 1992: Doroogh Nagoo

Caltex Records releases

  • 1995: Bibi Eshgh
  • 1996: Didar (with Siavash)
  • 1998: Shahzadeh Eshgh
  • 2000: Hamkelasi

Pars Video releases

  • 2006: Vasvaseh

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