Surly (band)

Surly is an Irish alternative rock band from Limerick City. Mike Noonan, Kieran Nunan, Liam O'Byrne and Kevin Quigley met when attending Crescent College Comprehensive. The members of the band had played together in various incarnations during their time in school but it wasn't until 2003 that all four joined together in a committed manner to form Surly. They have performed in many venues across Europe since their officially formation as a group.

Surly's music could be seen as drawing from any or all of the following genres of music; experimental, indie, jazz, post-rock, art rock.It has been said they have taken the majority of their influence from performers such as Boy George and Peter Frampton. They perform concerts intermittently between phases of writing and recording. The band maintains a web log here Information about the band and other unrelated information can be found here.

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