Super Robot Wars: Original Generations

is a tactical role-playing game for the Sony PlayStation 2. Original Generations is a remake of the two Original Generation games for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and is intended to celebrate the Super Robot Wars series' 15th anniversary. It was released on June 28, 2007.


Original Generations is developed by the team that produced Super Robot Wars MX, and uses high-energy, dynamic action for the in-game battle sequences. There are similarities in the user interface and battle screen to the 3rd Super Robot Wars Alpha, though it is merely coincidence, as the producing team may have been influenced by the design of Alpha 3.

The game includes a new variation of the squad combat system of the 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha and Alpha 3, called the Twin Battle System. It allows two adjacent units to combine into one squad, which can then attack simultaneously. The units can either focus their fire on a single target (with a damage penalty for the secondary unit) or, when facing another squad, each target a different one of its members. Squads can also support other squads offensively and/or defensively, allowing up to four attacks in a single action. As in the Alpha games, a single unit can also use an ALL attack to strike both members of an enemy squad at once. The game also features new ALLW Attacks, similar to the Double Attacks in MX, which can strike both members of a target squad and a single unit (or squad) directly next to it.

A small, but significant change in gameplay are the Spirit Commands, character abilities akin to magic spells. All characters retain their set of six Spirit Commands when fighting alone, but when placed into a squad, a seventh Spirit Command is available, known as the Twin Command. This Twin Command, unique to each character, takes SP (Spirit Points) from both characters in the squad, and is generally more powerful than the other Spirit Commands available to them. This makes Original Generations the first game in the franchise to break the six Spirit Command limit.

Changes And Additions

Original Generations is primarily a remake of the two previous Original Generation games, replacing them in the official Original Generation continuity, thereby retconning the Game Boy Advance stories. Parts of the plot in the first Original Generation segment of Original Generations is derived from the animated Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars, so as to follow continuity. The game also includes a fair amount of new content.

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