Sudbury Secondary School

Sudbury Secondary School is a high school in the downtown of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, well known for its performing arts classes, such as drama, dance, music, and art. It also has a variety of main stage productions, both from within the school and from other organizations.

The school is overseen by the Rainbow District School Board. In December, 2007, the School Board's Administrative Council recommended that the school undergo a renewal project. Items recommended for renewal: reducing excess space in the school; more parking for staff, students and visitors; that the guidance office be moved closer to the office; that the school should become more environmentally friendly; potential movement of the arts department so that it is closer to the auditorium, etc. There are also many alterations suggested for the Sheridan Auditorium, such as adding change rooms, and putting in new seats.

Arts programs

There are the art programs as well as the academic curriculua that are offered at the school. Students who are in an arts program have one period every day to develop skill in their field, whether it be dance, drama, vocals, instrumental music, keyboard, guitar, musical theatre or visual arts (fashion, photography, sculpting, etc). Students are also required to complete the regular academic curriculum. Performing opportunities include annual fall musicals, recitals, festivals, and competitions.


In 2008, Sudbury Secondary School will celebrate its 100th anniversary. A reunion is scheduled for the Civic Holiday weekend, with all former students invited to join. The school, located at 85 Mackenzie St, has housed several different educational institutions, including Sudbury Mining and Technical School, Sudbury High School, Sheridan Technical School and the current Sudbury Secondary School.

Notable alumni

Prominent alumni include:

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