Subhumans (UK band)

Subhumans are an anarcho-punk band formed in the Trowbridge and Melksham area of Wiltshire, England in 1980. Dick Lucas joined later in the year, having formerly been in another local band, The Mental. Other members had been in The Stupid Humans.


The band released a demo in 1981. It was heard by members of the band Flux of Pink Indians, after being sent to them by Graham Burnett of the New Crimes fanzine, and the band were so impressed that they offered the Subhumans a chance to put out a record on their newly formed Spiderleg record label. Shortly afterwards the Subhumans began to release material on their own Bluurg Records label.

Subhumans broke up at the end of 1985, with a final 12" record released the following year. Lucas formed Culture Shock in 1986 and then Citizen Fish in 1990. Subhumans had a brief reunion for a couple of shows in about 1991, and a more comprehensive one in 1998, which included UK and U.S. concerts and turned into a semi-permanent return of the band as a touring entity - including at least two major tours of North America in the 21st Century, (Live in a Dive was a product of the first).

Subhumans recorded a new album, Internal Riot, and self-released it on Bluurg Records in September 2007. They toured in Europe throughout 2007, and a month-long U.S. tour began on 24 August that year.


Their main influences were the Sex Pistols, The Damned, King Crimson and Frank Zappa



  • The Day the Country Died (LP, Spiderleg Records 1983)
  • From the Cradle to the Grave (LP, Bluurg Records 1983)
  • Worlds Apart (LP, Bluurg Records 1985)
  • EP-LP (LP, re-issue of first four EPs, Bluurg Records 1985)
  • 29:29 Split Vision (LP, Bluurg Records 1986)
  • Time Flies + Rats (LP, "Rats" and "Time Flies" EPs re-issued together, Bluurg Records 1990)
  • Unfinished Business (CD, unreleased old tracks, recently recorded, Bluurg Records 1998)
  • Live In A Dive (CD/LP, Fat Wreck Chords 2004)
  • Internal Riot (CD/LP, Bluurg Records 2007)


  • "Demolition War" (EP, Spiderleg Records 1981)
  • "Reasons for Existence" (EP, Spiderleg Records 1982)
  • "Religious Wars" (EP, Spiderleg Records 1982)
  • "Wessex ’82" (EP, Bluurg Records 1982) - with the Pagans, Organized Chaos, A Heads
  • "Evolution" (EP, Bluurg Records 1983)
  • "Time Flies But Aeroplanes Crash" (12" EP, Bluurg Records 1983)
  • "Rats" (EP, Bluurg Records 1984)



  • Dick Lucas · vocals/lyrics/occasional piano
  • Grant Jackson · bass (1980 to 1983)
  • Bruce Treasure · guitar/backing vocals/occasional drums
  • Trotsky · drums
  • Phil · bass (1983 to date)
  • various other members: Andy Gale (drums), Herb (bass), Polly (vocals), Steve Lucas (guitar), Ju Newby (backing vocals)


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