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The stremma (Greek:στρέμμα, plural στρέμματα) is a Greek unit of land area, equal to 1000 square metres, also called the 'royal' stremma. The name comes from a root meaning 'to turn', presumably referring to the amount of land that can be plowed/turned in a day.

The "old", "Turkish", or "Ottoman" stremma was approximately 1270 m² (Λεξικό, 1998): it was the Greek name of the Ottoman dönüm, which was in turn based on the Byzantine stremma (see below). But Lapavitsas uses the value of 1600 m² for the region of Naoussa in the early 20th century.

The medieval or Morean stremma was different, somewhere between 900 and 1900 m², depending on the period and perhaps even the type of land.

The Byzantine stremma was defined as 100 square Greek feet or 40 Greek paces. It is likely the ancestor of the Ottoman dönüm/stremma.


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