Streamlined System for the Romanization of Bulgarian

The Streamlined System is the official Bulgarian system for the Romanization of the Bulgarian language. It was developed at the Department of Mathematical Logic at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences by L.L. Ivanov, and originally introduced by the Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria on March 2, 1995.

The new system became subject to comparative study at the Department of English and American Studies at Sofia University, and was subsequently adopted by the Bulgarian Government (Ordinances #61 of 2 April 1999, #10 of 11 February 2000, #269 of 3 October 2006, and #3 of 26 October 2006) in identity documents, road signs, street names, official information systems, databases, local authorities’ websites etc.

The system is based on an English-oriented transliteration, taking advantage of the global lingua franca role of English, with its wider comprehension facilitated by the fact that non-English speakers from many nations have their own languages and non-Roman writing systems Romanized by English-oriented transliteration or transcription too.

Diacritics are avoided, making it more user-friendly for the purposes of modern electronic communication (e-mail, instant messaging, short message service etc.), and obviating the need for additional conventions and explanation. In that respect the Streamlined System is dissimilar to the scientific transliteration of Bulgarian (1956 Bulgarian standard, or Andreychin System), with the latter using Ž•ž, Č•č, Š•š, ŠT•št and Ă•ă for Ж•ж, Ч•ч, Ш•ш, Щ•щ and Ъ•ъ respectively. (It should be noted however, that the Bulgarian state standard of scientific transliteration included also a diacritics-free version intended for telegraph and mail communications, with letters Ж•ж, Ч•ч, Ш•ш, Щ•щ and Ъ•ъ rendered exactly as in the Streamlined System.) Furthermore, the two systems differ in rendering the Cyrillic letters Й•й, Ц•ц, Ь•ь, Ю•ю, Я•я as Y•y, TS•ts, Y•y, YU•yu, YA•ya and J•j, C•c, J•j, JU•ju, JA•ja respectively.

The essential difference between the Streamlined System and the closely related Danchev System is the case of the Cyrillic letters У•у and Ъ•ъ, rendered as U•u, A•a and OU•ou, U•u respectively.

The Streamlined System is similar also to the 1952 BGN/PCGN System for the Romanization of Bulgarian, still official in the USA and the United Kingdom. The latter however transliterates the Cyrillic letters Х•х, Ь•ь and Ъ•ъ as KH•kh, (apostrophe) and Ŭ•ŭ, while the former uses H•h, Y•y and A•a instead.

The streamlined approach is applied also in the Romanization of other Cyrillic alphabets such as Russian, as well as in the re-Romanization and pronunciation respelling of English.

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