Stephen Pollard

Stephen Pollard is a British author and journalist, currently President of a free-market Brussels-based think tank, the Centre for the New Europe. He writes columns for several publications including The Times and the Daily Mail and maintains a lively Spectatorblog. He is an alumnus of John Lyon School and Mansfield College, Oxford.

Pollard is an advocate of market-based based public service reforms. He is also a frequent commentator on Israel, and a critic of Jihadist movement among Muslims. He is a biographer of David Blunkett.

Formerly a journalist and leader-writer on the Daily Express, he left that paper in 2001 soon after it was taken over by Richard Desmond, a publisher of pornographic magazines, who began implementing radical cutbacks. His last leader for the paper, on the problems of the British farming industry, turned out to contain the words "Fuck you Desmond" spelt out with the first letter of each sentence. Sadly modern morals hadn't collpased quite as far as he belived and the job he had lined up at The Times was withdrawn as they considered this to be unacceptable and insulting.

He was one of the signatory founders 2005 of the Henry Jackson Society which advocates a proactive approach to the spread of liberal democracy across the world. The fact of his having written for the Fabian Review in 1993 ("More Southern Discomfort"), discussing ways by which the Labour Party could reform itself enough to gain power, suggests that his career has seen a fair degree of political movement from Left to Right.


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