Staveley, Derbyshire

See also Staveley, Cumbria, Staveley, North Yorkshire.

Staveley is a town to the north east of Chesterfield in Derbyshire, England, situated alongside the River Rother. The town is adjacent to Eckington to the north, Barlborough to the east, Sutton-cum-Duckmanton civil parish to the south and Brimington to the west.


It has traditionally been a mining town with several large mining pits situated in and around the area, with the closest being Ireland Pit. However this pit has now closed down along with the others in the area.

Other major local industries include Staveley Works foundry and Staveley Chemicals. The nationwide decline in industries such as these has taken its toll, hitting these factories just as hard as the coal mining industry. Staveley Chemicals and Staveley Works have now closed with the only section of chemical plant remaining being the p-aminophenol plant which is run by Covidien, an American led company.. It is also the home town of the Townes Brewery. Modern industry includes a plastic pipe moulding factory for Brett Martin plc.

At the time of writing (April 2008) the area to the North & east of the town is undergoing development work due to the building of the Markham Vale Loop Road which is expected to be completed circa 2009/10. This scheme will open up former coal field (opencast mine reclamation areas & Tips) areas to development, linking the town to a new junction (29A) on the M1 motorway, this junction recently opened in early July 2008. This is part funded by European community regeneration money. The scheme also reinstates part of the former Chesterfield Canal which crosses the route. There is along term project to reinstate the Canal from Chesterfield to Kiveton were it currently terminates. Sections from Chesterfield to Brimington were reinstated as part of previous stages of the Chesterfield Bypass and opencast schemes on part of the former Staveley Coal and Iron Company site which was part of British Steel following Nationalisation.

As part of the Markham Vale scheme to regenerate the site of the former Markham Colliery site there was a proposal for a "Solar Pyramid" to form the worlds largest sundial. Unfortunately this project has now been cancelled due to lack of funds. However on the site near Poolsbrook Country Park, a caravan site for tourists has now been built boosting numbers to the country park. The area has several trails for walkers and mountain bikers along former pit railway lines.

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