St. Vitus (drink)

St. Vitus is a German Bitters, which contains 44% ABV. It is sold in bottles containing 2 cl. each. It is Aldi's private label equivalent to the more expensive Underberg. St. Vitus are bought in packages containing four bottles (commonly referred to as a "battery") each and retails for ~ 2,70 USD / 2,1 € in Denmark.

St. Vitus is produced by St. Vitus Deutsche Edelliköre GMBH, Rottenburg an der Laaber.

St. Vitus and drinking games

In Denmark, it is popular to use several bottles in a drinking game. A version is to 'draw a number' - meaning that each participant gets a bottle of St. Vitus. A punishment is discussed and agreed upon between the participants, and each one then reads the small number at the bottom of the bottle. The participant with the lowest number will then be exposed to a punishment. The punishment can vary from drinking a number of St. Vitus simultaneously, being humiliated by the other participants or having some of the pubic hair removed by plucking.

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