St. Thomas the Apostle College

St. Thomas the Apostle College is a Roman Catholic secondary school for boys in Nunhead, London. It was founded in 1965.

Its students on average achieve 55% 5 A*-C Grades at G.C.S.E, which is above both the LEA and National Averages . The school is strong in several sports, with several former students going on to play professionally at both national and international levels (see below).

There are four houses, named after four English martyrs from the 16th century during the reign of Elizabeth I - Griffith, Gunstone , Saint John Jones and Saint John Rigby. Some confusion can be found in the details of the houses, because St. John Jones went by the name of 'Griffith' during the 16th century.

The current headmaster is Mr D. G. Fox. He replaced Dr. F. E. Tope in 2004. The associate principal is Mr S.Cowdry. There have only been three headmasters at the school during the 42 years.

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