St. Lawrence College, Ramsgate

St. Lawrence College is a public school situated in the town of Ramsgate in Kent, in the south-east of England.


It was founded in 1879, known as South Eastern College. The school rapidly outgrew the single house, leading to the main building of the present day college by 1884. The chapel was completed in 1927.

During the world wars, the school was evacuated to Chester (1915) and Northampton (1940) due its position on the South-East coast.

Later in the school's existence, girls were admitted, and the current mix is roughly equal, girls to boys.

Former pupils

Old Lawrentians (OLs) of note include:

Senior and Middle School

The Senior School is divided into separate houses. The oldest, Tower and Lodge were created in 1889. They are the two boys boarding houses. Newlands is the boys day house, while Laing is the girls day house. Boarding girls are part of Bellerby. All houses are located in the main school building, except Bellerby who have their own building.

Cameron and Courtenay are the boarding and day houses, respectively, for the Middle School. They accommodate students from age 11 to 13. They are housed in the new Kirby House Building- a state of the art education facility which opened in January 2007.

Official Name
New House Kirby House

All houses within the main building have recently undergone refurbishment.

Lodge House is one of the boys boarding houses and is situated on the top two floors of the college, the house is successful in all areas of the college winning a lot of the interhouse competitions. Its current housemaster is Mr Mark Single, who is an Old Lawrentian himself. Since becoming the housemaster in September 5, Lodge has picked up and is now in full gear to produce accomplished students academically and socially. The friendly rivalry between Lodge and Tower has been throughout SLC history.

Tower House is another boys boarding house and is situated in half of the first floor and the whole second floor in the Main Building. The house is historically good in the area of football and art, under the leadership of Mr. Murray, the house is doing great in disciplinary, inside the house people from all the different part of the world also have no problem with daily affairs. Unlike some other houses, Tower house people don't usually just stay in groups but as Mr. Murray said, the only nationally in Tower house is Tower, so Tower people have no problem of racism at all.

Newlands House, is the senior day boys house, run by Mr. Nick Jones (OL) Located on the 1st floor of the main building, the house is 40 strong, and opened in September 2005, after the amalgamation of Manor-Grange and Newlands-Deacon houses. They are housed in recently refurbished rooms, with superb facilities. The house is strong in sport, often winning house events, but also music. Students enjoy a friendly community with friendly inter house rivalry.

The current Headmaster of the Senior School is The Revd. Master Aitken.

Junior School

St. Lawrence College Junior School is located on the same site as the Middle and Senior schools and accommodates pupils from age 4 to 11. The Headmaster of the Junior School, is Mr Simon Whittle.

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